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BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide:  Tom DeBlass

BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide: Tom DeBlass


Tom DeBlass is one of the most beloved BJJ competitors, instructors and coaches out there today.  With a perfect blend of world class technique and instruction, along with life changing motivational wisdom and fitness advice, he currently finds himself sought for seminars and speaking engagements booking them years in advance now.  Known for always being accessible to not only his nearly 350 students at his home academy, Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the thousands of students that make up his growing affiliation of 10 schools, but to also the average BJJ practitioner who simply needs a word or two of encouragement via social media.

2017 has been an amazing year for fans of great instructional material and fans of Tom here at BJJ Fanatics with the release of three important instructional releases.  Each of these will impact not only your BJJ game within the specific context of the series, but also will impact other areas of your game and life.

Half Domination

In his "Half Domination" series, Tom DeBlass leaves no doubt that the half guard is no longer just a defensive position.  It is a position that he has worked to perfect within his game since his days as a blue belt under famed competitor and UFC veteran Ricardo Almeida.  When you're training partners include Professor Almeida, the great Renzo and Ryan Gracie, and all of the other monsters that pass through the doors of the Renzo Gracie affiliation, you've got to develop some strong positions and half guard was what the blue belt DeBlass gravitated to and eventually turned from a defensive position into a full blown offensive game plan.

You will learn all about Tom's use of frames, as well as how to utilize and also defeat a powerful knee shield.  You will learn where you should keep your head in relation to your opponent's head to make sure the sweep happens or doesn't happen depending on your perspective.  And in mind-blowing simplicity, Tom explains the importance of hip position that will bring even the most solidly based opponents crumbling to the mats.

In the video below, Tom shares some of the key principles of his wildly successful "Half Domination" instructional system with Bernardo Faria.

You can get your copy of Tom DeBlass' best-selling half guard system here at BJJ Fanatics.  It is available in On Demand and DVD format and in 4 volumes, Tom shares all of his secrets to his favorite position, the half guard, a position he has been perfecting for over a decade and a half since he's been a blue belt.


12 Weeks to Ripped 

If there is such a thing as THE best instructional for you to invest your holiday funds in, this may be it.  At an age when many martial artists are coasting and developing their own unique variations of the "Dad Bod", Tom DeBlass has achieved some of the best physical shape of his career.  What's amazing is how simple his program actually is!  By combining some easy to follow nutritional tricks and including some short, intense, but highly doable exercise routines, you can get yourself into the best shape of your life and improve not just one position like the average instructional, but improve ALL positions.

By investing in the full "12 Weeks to Ripped" program, you are also welcomed into a private Facebook community filled with like-minded individuals who are achieving life changing results.  It is not uncommon to see participants in this group, losing 10 or more lbs in the first few weeks of adapting Tom's methodologies.  How many diet programs offer you nearly daily interaction with one of the premier BJJ athletes in the sport today?

In the video below, Tom DeBlass sits down with Bernardo Faria and shares some of his key philosophies about nutrition and fitness. Check also Combat Sports Nutrition E-BOOK by Reid Reale.


If you can only make one purchase that will impact EVERY aspect of your BJJ and grappling, make it this one.  Tom's easy to follow nutritional program and fitness plan will not only get you into the best shape of your life, but will indirectly improve ALL aspects of your jiu jitsu game.  You will have more stamina, allowing you to train, longer and harder.  Your recovery will be improved because you will be fueling your body with the proper nutrients.  Join the hordes of satisfied customers who have joined the "12 Weeks to Ripped" Private Facebook group and shared their amazing results.

Submission Escapes

 If his half guard instruction and diet/fitness program weren't enough, Tom has topped it all with his "Submission Escapes" series, where he shows all of his favorite defenses and escapes from the positions we all dread the most.  In typical Tom DeBlass fashion, this series is highly digestible and easy to put into practice today.  You are literally minutes away from fewer taps in training and competition.  Your training partners will be calling you "Houdini" after you grab this must have instructional.

Check out this powerful kimura escape from closed guard that's right from the DVD and On Demand version of "Submission Escapes."  You will not want to miss this!

You can get yourself all of Tom's favorite "Submission Escapes" here in easy to follow On Demand format.  

Tom DeBlass has nearly every element of your game covered this holiday season with his three great BJJ and fitness offerings.  Pick up his "Half Domination" and take your half guard to next level heights by adding the offensive elements and the simple to follow guidance that will have you sweeping even the most avid passers.  With "12 Weeks to Ripped" you are literally a few months away from feeling and looking better than you ever have.  Join the many satisfied customers of this series and make 2018 your healthiest year yet!  And finally, if you were able to roll without fear of being caught in many of the most common submissions, how much would that confidence cost?  For less than your average BJJ seminar, Tom is going to share all of his secrets in "Submission Escapes."

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