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2 Types of Chokes with Stephan Kesting

2 Types of Chokes with Stephan Kesting


Know The Difference, And Know When It Is Appropriate To Use Each...

Whether you are a police officer wanting to learn how to use neck restraints safely, a submission grappler wanting to improve his choking efficiency, or a normal person wanting to know the different kinds of choke, Stephan Kesting explains the two types of chokes below!


Stephan explains that the two kinds chokes are air and blood chokes. Air chokes (front of the neck) crush the trachea, stopping air from reaching the lungs. Blood chokes (sides of the neck) constrict the carotid arteries, stopping blood flow to the brain. Sometimes it is hard to tell what choke was used, components of each can be used in one choke, but typically you can tell whether its crushing the throat or constricting blood flow by where the position of the forearm is to the neck.

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Stephan goes on to say that air chokes are more painful but less efficient, demonstrating this on his partner with a guillotine choke with a shallow grip, putting his forearm blade across his partners throat. The person being choked can sometimes hold their breath through it, making the choke have to last longer. He then points out that you also have a chance of actually crushing the trachea. This can kill the person being choked and is typically the case when police officers accidentally kill somebody with a choke, because of their club or arm crushing the neck or improper grips around the neck not constricting blood.

Next is a blood choke. Using a guillotine again, but this time putting his hand in deeper. This puts the elbow in front of the chin so that the trachea is not crushed (as much) and the majority of the pressure goes to the carotid arteries, forearm on one side of the neck with his bicep on the other, squeezing the two together to constrict blood flow in the carotid arteries. This way of choking is much more efficient, it is quicker, and is a safer choice compared to an air choke.

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Some shortcomings of the air choke Stephan says, is that if the person you intend on submitting is hyped up on adrenaline they may not react to the pain it causes and that if they are tough they can hold on to their breath and continue fighting you whereas a blood choke has the ability to put someone out in five to ten seconds and someone can maybe hold their breath in an air choke for thirty seconds or maybe longer. The other benefit of blood chokes is that they can be safer than air chokes, because it is quicker and lessens the chance of damaging the other person's trachea. Every where has different laws regarding chokes, learn your states laws so you know what you can do in a self defense situation.

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