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Using The Japanese Necktie To Defeat The Turtle


For those of us that like to attack our opponents while they are in turtle, there is a whole world of attacks. Truck, calf slicers, crucifix, and arm bars all are possible from the turtle position. One particularly awesome way of attacking the turtle is to use head and arm chokes. D’arce chokes, anaconda chokes and a personal favorite of mine…the Japanese necktie. The Japanese necktie works as a great way of submitting your opponent while he tries to defend from the turtle. Let’s see how you can use the choke to finish anyone from the turtle…

So, as this starts, we see that the opponent is in the turtle position. First, you’ll need to get a strong upper body connection. So you will need to use you arms to go through your opponent’s arm and neck, similar to a D’arce choke. But instead of locking up the bicep/tricep grip, you’ll lock up a gable grip, similar to that of a no gi baseball bat choke. Once that grip is achieved, you’ll need to bring your top elbow down over his neck. After you have the grip locked up, you’re going to need your inside leg to hook his top leg and bring it to you. This leg hook will be crucial for finishing the choke.

The hardest parts are now down and the finish is close. You will need to drop your shoulder to the mat over your opponent. When you do that, you need to make sure that your stomach is against and covering the back of your opponent’s head. To finish this, you need to pull in with your arms and bridge your hips in. And trust me, your opponent will tap. Even if you don’t have the choke in clean, you will get a crank as well.

The Japanese necktie is a new school, yet high percentage submission. Richie Martinez, who is a black belt under Eddie Bravo has used it in both MMA and Submission Wrestling. And the choke has also made an appearance in the UFC courtesy of Matheus Nicolau. It can be a great tool to defeat the turtle. And if you’re looking at ways to get past the defensive capability of the turtle, then check out…

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