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Closed Guard Essentials: The Hip Bump Sweep



There are a few techniques from closed guard that are absolutely essential if you want to be a great guard player. One of those essentials is the hip bump sweep. The hip bump sweep is a sweep that you can always use and come back to, no matter how far your game evolves. This strong sweep has allowed for both me and my students to win matches in the past. The hip bump gets you to the mount position with very little energy lost. Check out how you can make your hip bump sweep strong as can be.

The hip bump is best used when your opponent’s hands are not on your body. This can be through his mistake, or by you clearing the hands off of your midsection or hips. Once the hands are cleared, you can go into the sweep almost instantly. You will have to get off of your back. So, when you’re ready, you have to open your closed guard. When your guard opens, you need to rotate yourself and get up on your right elbow. As you get up on your elbow, your left arm and shoulder has to go over your opponent’s right shoulder. While getting over his shoulder, you must move from your elbow to your hand to get more of a powerful extension. Then you need to cup your opponent’s right elbow with your right hand.

As this is happening, Your left foot should be planted on the ball of your foot. When you’re ready, you need to do all of these steps and finish by shooting your left hip bone right into your opponent’s mid section or chest, whatever is available. If you have done everything correctly, you will have blasted your opponent right over and you will end up in the mount position. And from there, you have a whole new set of fun techniques at your disposal.

This hip bump is an excellent sweep for so many reasons. Not only can you end up in the top position, but depending on how our opponent reacts, there is a series of attacks you can do. There are submission counters to those who try to defend against the sweep. This is a win-win situation for you, the user of the hip bump. For more awesome closed guard techniques, then check out…

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