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x6 Unstoppable Guard Sweeps For BJJ

x6 Unstoppable Guard Sweeps For BJJ


In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, nothing seems cooler than a well executed guard sweep. You can almost watch white belts cheer in victory like that have just conquered a neighboring village when they hit their first legit guard sweep.

In our experience though, most students, especially at the blue belt level tend to start ignoring the basic concepts of a good guard sweep in favor of more fancy sweeps and entries into leg locks, etc.

But the ability to sweep your opponent in guard is one of the most essential skills in BJJ and can / should be one of the hardest to master.

Guard Sweeps shouldn't take a lot of effort or strength. When doing a guard sweep in BJJ properly, the sweep itself should make you actually wonder: "Did he give that to me?" One of the best to learn jiu jitsu guard sweeps from is Bernardo Faria... especially from half guard. His half guard sweeps require no strength, flexibility or insane experience. Just focus on what he has to teach you about half guard sweeps and you'll be dominating the mats at your gym and in tournaments.


Today we're going to look at some of the most basic sweeps from 3 major guards. The Closed Guard, Half Guard and Butterfly Guard.

BJJ Closed Guard Sweeps

There are a few sweeps from closed guard in BJJ where your legs remain "closed" around your opponent, but most closed guard sweeps force you to open your guard a bit to sweep. One of first guard sweeps you'll ever learn in BJJ is the closed guard scissor sweep. This is a basic sweep in jiu jitsu that is typically ignored after the first month or two. This is a mistake. The scissor sweep is one of the best "conceptual BJJ sweeps" out there. It shows the principles of trapping your opponent, knocking them over, and getting your hips on top. This is the concept of guard sweep and scissor sweep does an excellent job at helping you understand the fundamental concepts of sweeping from guard.

"Old Guy" Stops Pressure Passing In Its Tracks! (Scissor Sweep by Jay Wadsworth)

One of the toughest passing styles to deal with is pressure passing. Jay Wadsworth shares the old, lazy, slow guy way to stop the pressure guard pass and sweep your opponent on this ass!

No Gi Scissor Sweep to Triangle Combo With Grappling Legend Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass has never had his guard passed in competition. His guard attacks are simple yet technical yet just make sense! He has the ability to say something about guard sweeps or whatever jiu jitsu technique he's teaching, and his concepts will just stick with you. Here he is teaching how to do a triangle choke scissor sweep combo. The scissor sweep positions lends itself to hitting the triangle choke perfectly.

Half Guard Sweeps For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Most half guard sweeps in BJJ are combination of back takes, "wrestling" from guard, or getting your weight under your opponent and toppling him / her over. The half guard is a very unique and diverse guard system, but we'll start off from the knee shield half guard or z guard due to it's own versatility and large variety of sweeps from the position.

The FARIA Sweep! Deep Half Guard Sweep From Standing By Bernardo Faria

This is one of the legendary half guard sweeps by 5x IBJJF World Champion. Once you get this deep half guard sweeping position WITH the lapel grips... it's over dude. Your opponent is going to get swept and you will then pass his guard SIMPLY with the over under guard passing system by Bernardo as well. Don't know what that is? Bro - the over under guard pass is where it's AT!

The Single Leg Sweep From Half Guard - By Catch Wrestling Monster: Neil Melanson

Half guard makes sense to wrestlers and a lot of takedown guys. If you can get the feeling of just fighting the leg, being in half guard is like finishing a single leg takedown, yet your opponent is already on the ground! Neil loves this half guard sweep for no gi, but it works in gi just as well.

How To Sweep From Butterfly Guard In BJJ

The butterfly guard is the perfect small guy sweeping guard. If you're able to "ball up" and get your energy underneath your opponent with butterfly hooks, sweeping from butterfly guard should be easy. Of course every body type can use butterfly guard, in fact, it's probably the best starting guard for no gi submission fighting because the butterfly guard puts your feet on the inside line, which opens up the leg lock game.

The Duck Under Butterfly Guard Sweep By Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa

Check out this butterfly guard sweep! Formiga is the absolute master at butterfly guard... along with Marcelo Garcia. We've never seen this sweep from butterfly guard, but it looks so easy! Whenever you see Formiga in competition, he's always wrecking his opponents from butterfly guard and either getting the back, or finishing with an arm bar.

Tom DeBlass Half Butterfly Guard - Hip Heist Series

Tom DeBlass says that the half butterfly guard is his secret weapon for guard sweeps, kimuras and leg locks.

The most important suggestion we can leave you with learning how to sweep your opponent from guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Submission Grappling, is start off by finding a guard system that works for you. Here are a few of our favorites:


Learn the easiest and most effective closed guard in BJJ that you can use to sweep and submit bigger and stronger opponents every time . His easy to use closed guard system will give you a whole new perspective on how to fight from closed guard to sweep and submit your opponents.

The Closed Guard By Bernardo Faria


The Ground Marshall Half Guard By Neil Melanson

Neil Melanson - The Man Who Does Everything In Grappling / MMA Differently – Yet All The Top Submissions Grapplers and MMA Fighters Worship His Techniques and Coaching. He has one of the the Weirdest – Yet Most Effective Half Guard Series You’ve Ever Seen: Neil Melanson’s Ground Marshall Half Guard.

Neil is the Blackzillians MMA Coach And Is Half Guard Guard Game Is One Of The Most Efficient and Attack Oriented Half Guard Games You'll Ever See. Your Opponents In The Gym & In Tournaments Won’t Have A Chance. Neil is one of the most detailed, thorough, and savage grappling coaches in the game today. Learn the unorthodox secrets of the most notorious grappling coach out there

The Ground Marshal Half Guard By Neil Melanson


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