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4 Efficient Guard Passes For Masters Competitors With Fabiano Scherner

4 Efficient Guard Passes For Masters Competitors With Fabiano Scherner


If You Have Entered The "Masters" Years Then You Will Definitely Want To Check Out These Moves From 11 Time World Champion Fabiano Scherner

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about efficiency. You may have ironically heard it called the “lazy man’s” sport for this purpose alone. Efficient jiu jitsu is good jiu jitsu. High level competitors know matches are sometimes won or lost solely depending on the amount of effort they exert. Go too, too fast, and you are apt to burn yourself out. Likewise, you will often see newer guys, typically white belts or blue belts, burn themselves out in the first couple minutes of a roll. A lot of this comes down to wasted effort from lack of effective techniques.

45 Year Old Fabiano Scherner Has Entered 11 Masters World Championships and Has Won 10. Learn An "Old School Game" That Anyone Can Do


It is not uncommon to spend a whole 6 minute roll focused entirely on passing a player’s guard. This could be due to a variety of reasons. Guard passing can be exhaustive, especially against someone who knows how to keep you wrapped up tight and continually break down your posture or subvert your advancements. Therefore, it is essential for anyone, especially the masters age competitors, to understand efficient guard passing.

When it comes to seeking out masters who can teach efficient guard passing look no further than Fabiano Scherner. As a German Brazilian professional mixed martial artist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt, Fabiano Scherner may be over 40, but he has still got an impressive approach to BJJ. Fabiano is a 10 Time Masters World Champion. He keeps his game simple, focusing on precision fundamental techniques that just work. Fabiano has an extensive history in combat sports. He in more than a few major MMA promotions and he has also had a very successful career in jiu jitsu. He has won important titles such as World No Gi Champion, International Masters and Seniors Champion, Pan American Champion, Brazilian National Champion, American National Champion, American National No Gi Champion, and more. Let’s see what Fabiano’s passing game is all about. Here are 4 efficient guard passes for masters competitors from Fabiano Scherner.

#1: Butterfly Guard Pass

The butterfly guard is one of the most common guards in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Because of its widespread use it can be very difficult to efficiently pass a good butterfly guard player. Fabiano has a very methodical approach to passing this type of guard. Watch the video below of Fabiano demonstrating his butterfly guard pass and then we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

Typically the butterfly guard player is going to be using their butterfly hooks and grips to life and bump you, causing you to constantly post on the mats, and try to regain your posture. It can be an exhausting ordeal, especially with someone who is very fast paced. In the case where your opponent is able to pull you forward into his guard, you want to post wide with your hands on the mat, keeping your legs together. This will make it much harder for the butterfly guard player to sweep you. When your opponent tries to sweep you to one side or the other you can use the momentum to get him up on his side, securing a whizzer, allowing you to pass the butterfly hooks by compressing the legs together.

#2: 2nd Base Pass

The second base pass is a unique way to open your opponent’s guard and pass without them knowing how to counter. So how is it done? Let’s find out. Watch the video below and then we will break down Fabiano’s 2nd base pass. Check it out now!

There are a few important things Fabiano points out about the second base pass. First, work your grips down to the belt. You do not need to be completely standing up right to slide your knee into the middle of your opponent’s guard. Once you work to get that knee in you will open the guard and set yourself up to get the pass. When passing it is crucial to pull up on the gi while pushing down on the thigh you are passing. The elbow in the chest adds to the pressure, and this will keep your opponent pinned to the mat. The leg movements and hip switch are important too as that will set you up to get back to side control without your opponent escaping.

#3: Knee in the Middle Guard Opener

Breaking the closed guard is one of the most fundamental techniques in BJJ. In the video below, Fabiano shows an efficient way to do it by placing your knee in the middle of the guard to open it. Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique.

To hit this guard pass, the first thing Fabiano looks to do is control his opens arms. He does so by extending them outwards, gripping a the biceps to hold them on the ground. With his opponent’s arms secure he can start working to get his knee under his opponent’s butt. Fabiano steps up with his outside leg and then stands fully into a tripod base. Fabiano things of his knee as a wedge used to pry open his opponent’s guard. He steps back with his outside foot so that his inside knee can slice his opponent’s guard in order to pry it open. As Fabiano sits, his back forces the guard open. His knee is now completely in between his opponent’s legs and he can now pass into side control.

#4: Knee Shield Guard Pass

If you have played against a good half guard player you know just how frustrating the knee shield can be to deal with. Fabiano has some great advice for beating the knee shield

Often times you will see guys try to beat the knee shield by pushing the knee to try and straighten the leg and start working their body around the guard. And while this does technically work, it can be a very inefficient way to pass the guard. Instead, Fabiano wraps his arm around his opponent’s top leg. He feeds his hand through and grips his opponent’s thigh. At the same time Fabiano frames against his opponent’s arm. He is looking for some type of control, be it the bicep or the wrist. From here, Fabiano posts on his leg in order, pressuring down on his opponent using his shoulder. From here Fabiano works to get his bottom leg around to the side. To finish the pass he uses his legs to push his opponent flat onto the mat, ending in top side control.

Fabiano is a master of efficient jiu jitsu. He keeps his game simple, focusing on precision fundamental techniques that work, no matter your age or level of experience. So if you liked these techniques and you want to learn more from Fabiano then be sure to check out his amazing instructional series The No Gi Roadmap and Mastering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu After 40. Both of this series include a variety of effective techniques you can use to efficiently and confidently dominate your opponent from any position.

UFC Stars like Chael Sonnen and Page Van Zant Seek His Coaching & His BJJ Team Dominates Local Tournaments. His DVD series called MASTERING BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU AFTER 40 is an easy to learn "old school" approach to BJJ






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