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The Way A Catch Wrestler Uses A Guillotine



Catch Wrestling is known for its brutal pinning and submission techniques. Every single technique in Catch seems like a rough, tough way of destroying an opponent when it comes to grappling. Many techniques from Catch transfer over into Jiu Jitsu, just like Jiu Jitsu techniques transfer over to Catch. One of those techniques, is the arm in guillotine. There are many versions of the guillotine choke, including a nasty Catch variation. Here is Neil Melanson, a Catch wrestler and grappling coach to some of the best fighters in the world. Let’s see how Neil does a Catch style guillotine…

I won’t spend much time on the set up. Neil shows a particular set up of passing the half guard. As he passes the half guard, he gets head position in the middle of the chest and he locks up a whizzer on his opponent’s right arm to prevent back takes and sweeps. His left hand  grabs his opponent’s left wrist and passes his left shin over that same side bicep. He does that so he can slow his opponent down and work on the choke. Neil notes that he uses an extremely tight clench on the whizzer. He does not keep it loose.

With his right arm, he pinches his elbow down on the whizzer. Once properly pinched, Neil steps back and posts with his right leg. He then locks his left arm over the opponent’s neck and drops his chest on his opponent’s shoulders. He once again pinches his elbow down, this time the left elbow. Neil circles again and drops to his back. His left knee/shin goes to his opponent’s hip while his right leg goes over the back of his opponent. The grip he uses on the guillotine is an s-grip. This is so his opponent cannot pry his fingers away to defend. All he has to do to finish is to squeeze inward. This arm in guillotine is a nasty way of finishing an opponent with a choke…catch style!

Catch Wrestling is an interesting style of grappling. It is the opposite of the “gentle” arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Judo. There is no gentle. Every technique is used to the full extent of its power. If you’re looking to add some Catch Wrestling techniques to your repertoire then you have to check out…

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