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Two Great Gi Chokes from the Back

Two Great Gi Chokes from the Back


Knowing how to attack from the back is one of the most important elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  If you get to someone’s back you have a massive advantage so it would be a shame not to capitalize on it.  Before learning back attacks, you need to learn how to control the back, if you are still having difficulty with back control check out our article “Take the Back, Keep the Back.”

Moving forward, there are many advantages to the gi when it comes to back attacks. It is easier to finish your opponent from the back in the gi because of the variety of chokes.  Two of the best chokes from the back, and in bjj are the Bow & Arrow choke, and the double lapel choke from the back.

The Bow & Arrow Choke

The bow & arrow choke may be the best choke in Jiu Jitsu, assuming you are wearing a gi.  Why is that?  The bow & arrow choke utilizes so many different factors to become so powerful.  You engage several different muscle groups when properly executing the choke.

With a good bow & arrow choke you are using your back, core, arms and legs. The choke happens when the arm over your opponent’s shoulder grabs the cross lapel, your other hand will grab their leg or underhook it. This will give you an excellent angle, similar to an arm bar.  You will pull the lapel and your opponent’s leg as you extend your legs and back.  This is why it is so powerful.  You are engaging virtually every major muscle.

The bow and arrow is a gi only choke but if you’d like to touch up your rear naked choke, check out our article “Simple ways to make your rear naked choke better.”  Also, check out this great instructional on proper application of a bow & arrow choke.

The Double Lapel Choke

The double lapel choke is EXTREMELY similar to the bow and arrow making it just as effective. The main difference is that instead of underhooking your opponent’s leg, you will use that hand to control the other lapel.  This will allow you to have both lapels.

With this choke there are several ways to finish it, one is to get the angle and finish it just like the bow & arrow. This is the best way to do it because you are utilizing more of your body.  This is also a great choking option because it is not necessary to create angles, you can stay right under your opponent and apply the choke, it also allows you to maintain a seat belt grip so if they defend, you can keep the back.  It is less risky.  Check out this half guard to back take and the double lapel choke finish.

If you want to enhance your bjj as a whole and work on your back attacks as well, check out Luiz Panza’s 4 DVD set “Hidden BJJ Secrets.”


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