Knee on Belly Attacks

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Knee on Belly Attacks

Knee on belly is an extremely popular position in Jiu Jitsu, rightfully so.  Whether you’re passing directly to knee on belly or transitioning from side control to knee on belly, it is a great position to maintain control and open up various submission opportunities. There is a multitude of attacks from knee on belly and many of them have been utilized at the highest levels of competition.  Getting comfortable in your knee on belly will help you gain a more offensive game, there are so many possibilities from this position.

Setting up Knee on Belly Attacks:

If you have passed someone’s guard and applied pressure from the side mount, sometimes your opponent may shell up and play an extremely defensive game.   In order to open up some attacks, transitioning to knee on belly can be a great option.  Many Black Belt world champions such as Marcelo Garcia, the Mendes Brothers and others play a pressure based game, but also use mobility to open up submission opportunities while in transition.  For example, if you’ve passed someone’s guard and applied pressure from side control but your opponent won’t give you any openings, transitioning to knee on belly may force him to extend his limbs, open up his neck, or present other submissions.  Furthermore, if you are in full mount and choose to revert back to knee on belly because your opponent won’t give you any submission opportunities, he may open up in transition and you may be able to capitalize on an opportunity.  The Mendes brothers are infamous for playing an extremely mobile game where they are constantly transitioning from position to position even after they’ve passed the guard in order to catch an opportunity during the transitional period. 

Various Knee on Belly Attacks and Submissions:

Whether you have chosen to go to knee on belly because you could not find an opening from side mount or full mount, or you have passed directly to knee on belly, there are several different submissions that may present themselves.   From knee on belly, the attacks are endless, but some infamous submissions are the near side armbar, the far side armbar, the cross choke, the baseball bat choke, the triangle choke, and many more.  There are also several back takes and attacks to advance your position.  Below you will find a short instructional from multiple time Black Belt World Champion, Caio Terra and his training partner, Samir Chantre where they show an extremely effective cross choke from knee on belly and very slick back take!  Hopefully this will help you work your knee on belly attacks.

Knee on belly can also be an extremely difficult position to deal with.  It can be extremely uncomfortable as well when someone is really trying to apply pressure from knee on belly, if you need to sharpen your escapes, check out 5x World Champion, Bernardo Faria’s “Escapes From Everywhere” DVD.  It can be an incredible resource to helping your escapes.  A confident offense stems from confidence in your defense.