The Double Leg Take down

The Double Leg Take down

The double leg take down is one of the highest percentage take downs in wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and many forms of grappling.  Wrestling is often overlooked in Jiu Jitsu but can be a game changing addition to a well-rounded bjj practitioner.  One of the simplest and first take downs that you learn is the double leg take down and it is one of the most effective

The double leg, although it may be considered a fundamental, is far from just that.  Developing a strong and effective double leg can take years.  There are many things that go into the double leg, especially from bjj.  You can use the double leg take down standing or from the guard, some people will also use this as a method of guard retention.  

When executing a double leg, there are several subtle details that can make all of the difference.  Some people have very high level double legs and have been able to utilize them in bjj competitions.  Marcelo Garcia, Buchecha, Bernardo Faria, and many other black belt world champions have won matches by executing the double leg.  IF you are training bjj and you do not have a double leg in your back pocket, you are doing it wrong.  The double leg is like the closed guard of wrestling.  Let's discuss this topic in further detail below.  If you prefer the single leg take down, check this out. 

Double Leg Takedown Variations

There is often several ways to do any take down, and the double leg take down is no different.  There are many different variations of the double leg take down that are frequently utilized in Jiu Jitsu competitions. 

One of the most common is the blast double leg.  Gracie Barra Black Belt and Ohio State University, Division-1 wrestler, AJ Agazarm, has an incredible blast double leg.  The other double legs that are common in bjj are used from guard as sweeps, set up from standing, or are set up from the knees.  Check out the video below of AJ Agazarm hitting a beautiful blast double at Polaris.

As you can see in the video above, the blast double can be vicious.  This is such a good weapon for competitors and bjj practitioners to keep in their back pocket.  Not only is the double leg good to get those 2 points, but the blast double is an effective way of bringing someone to the ground in a self-defense situation.  The blast double is only one of several variations of the double leg. 

You can also use the double leg from standing with an arm drag, collar drag, with the collar, and you can finish it different ways.  The double leg can happen with your head on the outside and you drive towards the side your head is not on.  The double leg can be a slam where you pick your opponent up and drop them, or you can combine the double leg with some inside and outside leg trips.  There are so many ways to do this shot. 

There is no right or wrong way one you have fluid technique, people have personal preferences on how to finish the double leg.  The difficulty in the double leg lies in the entries, and the grips.  You have to have a quick and good shot and you have to have good grips to be able to set those shots up from. 

Double Leg Take down from Standing

Most of us would correlate the term “take down” with a way of bringing an opponent down to the mat in a situation where both practitioners start standing.  Though this is the most common form of the double leg take down, you can also apply this technique from guard.

 When doing the double leg from a standing position in traditional gi Jiu Jitsu, the higher percentage double leg variation would be the blast double.  The reason being, in gi Jiu Jitsu, when grips are established from both competitors, it is very difficult to implement a take down.  Check out this post on 3 essential take downs from the arm drag, it shows a simple double leg variation from standing.

Although the grips can be a powerful tool that nullifies many of the double leg shots, you can also use the grips to your advantage when setting up your double leg shots.  How so?  You have to be able to use them to snap your opponent down and open them up.  You can use the collars to do collar drags and the sleeves to set up duck under.  There are so many ways to sue the grips.  Don't fear the grips and make them a tool. 

Double Leg from Guard

The double leg take down can also be an extremely useful asset to add to a guard player’s arsenal.  Not many people would think to do a take down from guard, but there are several world class competitors who implement take downs from various guards such as De La Riva, Butterfly, Deep Half, and more.

 5x World champion, Bernardo Faria has incredible take downs and constantly implements them from deep half, check out one of his famous deep half sweeps here.  Also, below, you will find Marcelo Garcia demonstrating the double leg from butterfly guard!

The double leg take down, along with the single leg take down are the best take downs to learn for the bjj guard player.  The double leg can be used from so many guards as we stated above.  In the video above you saw Marcelo using a simple double leg from the butterfly, but you can also use the double leg from many other guards. 

One of the best guards to use the double leg from is the half guard.  There are so many different ways to use the double leg from the half guard.  You can use it when you have the under hook, when you do not have the under hook, as a method of guard retention and so much more.  This is a weapon that almost every guard player needs to have.  Check out this variation of a double leg from half below. 

This variation of the double leg from the half is one of the best.  Jake Mackenzie has one of the best half guards in the world and has executed this exact sweep time and time again in competition.  To develop a truly dangerous half guard, you need to be able to have some wrestling and to have wrestling, you need to be good at the double leg take down. 

Double Leg Take down Summary

All in all the double leg take down is one of the highest percentage take downs from everywhere.  Whether you use it from guard, standing, with grips, without grips, or as a counter, it is imperative for a well-rounded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor to have a good double leg.  Even if you don’t plan on using the take down, it is always good to know techniques so you can defend them.  

Whether you are a guard player, self-defense aficionado, take down enthusiast, or just your average bjj player.  You need to learn the double leg, drill the double leg and make it part of your bjj repertoire.  You need to have this take down ingrained in your brain so that you can use it when necessary. 

This take down can not only enhance every aspect of your game, it can help you get out of bad positions like the turtle, or bottom side.  If you are confident in your wrestling, it is always easier to escape bad positions.  As a bonus, check out this last double leg from guard with Black Belt World Silver Medalist, "Cascao." 

 Now you want to take your wrestling and specifically, your double leg to the next level?  Perfect, we have a solution for you, and no, its not wrestling classes.  Check out IBJJF World Champ and Division-1 All American wrestler, Hudson Taylor's DVD "Wrestling for bjj" out below. This is also available on demand below so you can download it right to your phone.