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The Simplest Sweep From Deep Half



For us smaller guys in Jiu Jitsu, it is important to know what positions can work for you and what cannot. If a smaller guy is facing a bigger guy, a position like side control is not ideal because you can be bench pressed off. For guard against big guys, my favorite position to go to is the deep half guard. The deep half guard is a position that will allow you to deal with the weight of a heavier opponent without getting crushed. Deep half takes the weight off of you while giving you a wide variety of sweeping techniques to get on top to a more effective top position such as mount or knee on belly. One of the easiest deep half sweeps is the Homer Simpson sweep. Let’s see how you can use it to get on top of those big Jiu Jitsu competitors…

Establish your deep half

There are many ways of getting to deep half. You can get to it from standard half, from x guard if someone tries to sit down and sometimes you can even jump into it. Once you’re in, you need to strongly establish your deep half. Get a strong gable grip above the opponent’s knee, pinch your knees together and have your head in the opponent’s lap, almost to the point where it is resting on the opponent’s quad. Once you’ve established the guard, you can start to go for the sweep.

Control the knee cap and walk in

Now you will need to switch your grips. Cup the opponent’s knee cap with your hands. This is a very important step because it will help with the finish so do not neglect it. And with your knees pinched, you will need to walk inward to the opponent’s other leg. This will give you the angle and momentum needed to actually be able to finish the Homer Simpson sweep.

Turn the knee and spin on top

Once you’ve walked inwards, you will have built up some decent momentum. When you’re ready to complete the sweep, you will need to move fast. Turn the opponent’s knee cap with your hands as you now roll your body the opposite way. The momentum will bring you right on top of the opponent and will allow you to work a pass to get to a dominant top position.
The Homer Simpson sweep is easily the most simple sweep you can pick up and learn from deep half. There is not much to it. It is movement and correct grips. The deep half can work wonders for the smaller folks who train and compete in Jiu Jitsu. If you want to learn more about the deep half position and its sweeps then check out…

The Battle Tested Half Guard by Bernardo Faria. Click here!


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