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Understanding The Over Hook Choke



The over hook is one of the most valuable tools that a closed guard player can use. It breaks down the posture, gives you control over a side of an opponent’s body and it sets you up for some pretty great submission attacks. While there aren’t an endless amount of submission attacks from the over hook, the ones that are available can work greatly. One of those attacks in the over hook choke. It is an old school move that you can use when you use the over hook from closed guard. Take a look…

Get the over hook & control the head

The first thing that you will need to do is to lock up an over hook on the opponent’s arm while he is in your guard. Use your left arm to wrap up an over hook on his left arm. Once you get the over hook, use that same arm to grab the far collar/lapel. That will create a solid control that you will be able to use from now on. Then take your free arm to control his head so that he will not be able to posture up.

Get on your hips & extend

After you have gotten the over hook and have controlled the head, you will need to get onto your hips. Shrimp out slightly and get onto your right hip. Your left foot should be on his left hip, clamping to him, while your right leg also stays tight to his body. Now while still holding the over hook, you are going to need to extend your body to create space. This will lead to the next step.

Grab the kimono and finish the choke

Since you extended your body, you will use your free hand (right hand) to grab the material of the kimono on his shoulder. You should grab a nice chunk of gi. Then you will need to pull the opponent in as you bring your elbow up. He will get choked by your forearm. It is similar to that of a Ezekiel choke.

Some of the best techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are not the fancy, new techniques. They are the old school, basic and fundamental techniques. And the over hook choke is one of those techniques. If you need a great resource for these old school, closed guard techniques then check out…

The Closed Guard by Bernardo Faria. A four DVD set. Click here!


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