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Fundamentals of Side Control Escapes by Pedro Sauer


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Learn from one of America’s most respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors, with 8th-Degree Black Belt Pedro Sauer’s instruction on the principles of escaping bad positions

  • Get out of every variation on the side control position with Professor Sauer’s fundamentals and techniques for reliable escapes
  • Use proper framing and body mechanics to create space and escape, even against opponents in a scarf hold or reverse scarf hold
  • Use your legs and body for better escapes, and learn how you can become harder to submit and pressure into with Professor Sauer’s help
  • Use counters and even surprise submissions to be dangerous, even from the bottom position in side control

Course Content

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Volume 1

Concepts - Becoming Comfortable from Bottom Position 14:53
Upper Body Framing 22:47
Lower Body Framing 26:24:00
The Shoelace Hook Guard Recovery 30:23:00
The Heel Hook Mount Reversal 36:17:00
Cross Face Arm Trap Counter 41:48:00
Preventing the cross face & countering with Americana 45:16:00

Volume 2

Troubleshooting the Harpoon Reversal 3:34
Counter to ‘Wrestlers Pin’ 5:21
Choke from ‘Wrestlers Pin’ 8:19
Shibonis Sweep 10:14
Shibonis Sweep to Shoulder Lock 12:36
Troubleshooting the Harpoon - Sprawl 13:56
Troubleshooting the Harpoon- Sprawl 2 16:19
Leg Pinch Reversal 20:15
Leg Pinch Re-Guard 24:39:00
Trap & Bridge Reversal 29:35:00
Leg Pinch to Scoop 31:31:00
Knee Drive Counter 33:39:00
Sword Arm to Overhook 35:47:00
Taboo Turn 38:42:00
Obtaining the Underhook 41:18:00
Low Underhook Double Leg 45:06:00

Volume 3

Threading the Needle to Sit Out 2 4:56
Threading the Needle to Head Lock Counter 6:35
Threading the Needle to Shoulder Lock 11:00
Mantis Hook 16:55
Bustin’ a Grip 18:54
Bustin’ a Grip 2 21:30
Bustin’ a Grip 3 23:48
Frame & Turn 25:43:00
Kimura Reversal 30:00:00
Paper Cutter Choke Counter 32:52:00
Deceptive Armbar 38:45:00

Volume 4

Flanking against Scarf Hold 5:12
Shoulder Lock Scarf Hold Escape 11:06
Scarf Hold to Armbar 13:51
Overhead Scarf Reversal 17:06
Go to Knees 20:21
Leg Over Head 26:23:00
Wrestlers Escape 32:00:00
Reverse Scarf Hold - Cross face to Mata Leao 37:41:00
Invite to Mount 40:58:00
Butterfly Hook 45:16:00
Mount Reversal 49:08:00
Back Take 51:24:00

Escape From The Side Control Position With Old School Escapes That Really Work - Even Against Bigger Fighters - From 8th-Degree Coral Belt Pedro Sauer

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What Will You Learn?

Study one of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s most important aspects with one of its most respected instructors, as 8th-Degree Corral Belt Pedro Sauer explains the principles and techniques for escaping side control. Across 4-volumes, you will learn all the most effective ways to finally start creating space and getting back into the fight with Professor Sauer’s lifetime of experience on the mats.

Even against tricky side control variations like the scarf hold or reverse scarf hold, you can still use Professor Sauer’s instruction to reverse and reguard your way back into a much more comfortable position. Use fundamental framing, reversing, and offensive options to create the most effective and reliable escapes possible.

Stop getting crushed in side control and start learning all best ways to stay safe and work back to better and better position. Professor Pedro Sauer has spent his life teaching and training and these escapes are his most effective and reliable techniques that students of all levels can use for success.

Shoulder Lock Scarf Hold Escape

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction & Growing Old in Jiu Jitsu 
  • Concepts 
  • Becoming Comfortable from Bottom Position
  • Upper Body Framing 
  • Lower Body Framing 
  • The Shoelace Hook Guard Recovery 
  • The Heel Hook Mount Reversal 
  • Cross Face Arm Trap Counter 
  • Preventing the cross face & countering with Americana 

Part 2:

  • Harpoon Reversal
  • Troubleshooting the Harpoon Reversal 
  • Counter to ‘Wrestlers Pin’ 
  • Choke from ‘Wrestlers Pin’ 
  • Shibonis Sweep 
  • Shibonis Sweep to Shoulder Lock 
  • Troubleshooting the Harpoon 
  • Sprawl 
  • Troubleshooting the Harpoon
  • Sprawl 2 
  • Leg Pinch Reversal 
  • Leg Pinch Re-Guard 
  • Trap & Bridge Reversal 
  • Leg Pinch to Scoop 
  • Knee Drive Counter 
  • Sword Arm to Overhook
  • Taboo Turn 
  • Obtaining the Underhook 
  • Low Underhook Double Leg

Part 3:

  • Threading the Needle to sit out 
  • Threading the Needle to Sit Out 2 
  • Threading the Needle to Head Lock Counter 
  • Threading the Needle to Shoulder Lock 
  • Mantis Hook 
  • Bustin’ a Grip 
  • Bustin’ a Grip 2 
  • Bustin’ a Grip 3 
  • Frame & Turn 
  • Kimura Reversal 
  • Paper Cutter Choke Counter 
  • Deceptive Armbar 

Part 4:

  • Scarf Hold
  • Positioning to Escape Scarf Hold 
  • Flanking against Scarf Hold 
  • Shoulder Lock Scarf Hold Escape
  • Scarf Hold to Armbar
  • Overhead Scarf Reversal
  • Go to Knees 
  • Leg Over Head 
  • Wrestlers Escape
  • Reverse Scarf Hold
  • Cross face to Mata Leao
  • Invite to Mount 
  • Butterfly Hook 
  • Mount Reversal 
  • Back Take 

So, What Exactly Does It Cost?