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Pass The Sit Up Guard After DLR



Do you know anyone at your gym that plays seated guard? Those who play from the seated guard are usually really good at getting sweeps on their opponents. At some point, you have probably been swept from someone transferring to the sit up guard from De La Riva guard. Being able to defend from that position and pass is a needed skill, especially when it comes to training in the gi. The first and easiest pass is done from a prevention stand point. That is the one that should always try before any other. Let’s see how you can easily pass the sit up guard…

Prevention first, lower your base and get your controls

Whenever someone is playing the De La Riva guard against you, you will need to lower your base and turn your knee out. If you stay high, you are giving your opponent the ability to unbalance you a lot easier. Don’t give up anything easy to your opponent. After you lower your base, use your left hand to grab his pants by the ankle. This will make it hard for him to use his foot to push your knee out. Then use your right hand to grab his collar if you can. But make sure you bend your arm.

Wrap your arm around and pin

Life never goes perfect as planned, so of course, your opponent can bypass some of your prevention stuff. Let’s say that he pushes your knee out even with your pant grab and he is still able to sit up, before your grab his collar. But as he sits up, you have the correct timing and you’re able to take your right arm around his shoulder and grab the back of his gi, with your shoulder against his face. While you’re doing this, still use your left handed pant grab and try to pin his foot/ankle to the mat.

Back step and pass

Once you have your controls, you must drive him forward to get him onto his back, and do a big back step. By doing the big back step, you are stopping him from putting you in his half guard. While you’re doing this, keep using your shoulder to provide pressure into his face/jaw. Your one leg will still be stuck in a hook from your opponent, so just use your free leg to push his knee away to get your leg free. Then switch your hips and end up in the top side control position.

You see a lot of IBJJF players starting to use the sit up guard in competition, and many sub only competitors are using it in the EBI and Polaris formats. The sit up guard can be effective, so this is one way of defeating it soundly. If you’re looking for a resource to improve your passing then check out…

The Folding System by Fernando Reis. Click here!


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