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If you’re a lover of leg locks, then you know how it is to search for those techniques. You should be able to find some kind of a leg attack no matter what position or guard. Being able to transition and transfer to leg attack positions is very important. Simply knowing the leg attacks is not the only thing you need to be able to be successful with them. You also have to know the entries, aka the ways of getting into those leg lock positions. Let’s take a look at how you can enter leg attacking positions from the butterfly guard…

Establish your butterfly guard

The first thing you need to do is establish your butterfly guard. Make sure your guard is tight. Your knees should be up, and not flopping on the mat. Your feet shouldn’t be too far apart, otherwise your opponent will be able to play with your ankles and go for a pass. Also keep your arms tight with elbows in. That way you won’t get kimura’d or arm dragged.

Hands in the armpits, hooks in and sweep back

Now that you’re butterfly guard is good to go, you need to go for the sweep that will allow you to get into the leg lock positions. You will need to use both of your hands to cup the opponent’s arm pits. Then make sure that both of your feet are on the inside of the opponent’s thighs to guide him up. Start to fall back and as you do that, lift him with your foot hooks and the arm pit grabs. By doing this, he will be brought up in the air.

Bring a knee to your chest and go to the entanglement

As you make your opponent go up in the air, you will need to do something specific. Whatever leg that you attack, you’ll need to bring your opposite side knee to your chest. It will create the space to go into your leg entanglement. In the video Reilly attacks his opponent’s left leg, so Reilly’s right knee will come to his chest. His left leg kicks straight, and since his opponent is over him, he is able to bring his left leg over his opponent’s left leg. Now your two best options are to either go to ashi garami or inside sankaku. The option will depend on what rule set the competition your competing in allows.

You should always practice proper technique on leg attacks. Especially if you want to beat those who are better than you. A lot of times, the proper technique will win, even if your opponent’s skill level is higher. And it is as important to have proper ways of getting to those leg attacking entanglements. If you want to work leg locks and their entries then check out…

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