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The Z Guard & The Kimura


For those who like playing with variations of the half guard, one of the best ones you can play with is, the z guard. The z guard allows its user to keep weight and pressure off of him, while searching for submissions. The z guard has proven to be an effective half guard, with world class practitioners such as Bernardo Faria and Mau Mau Robson De Lima using it time and time again. One of the most effective submissions from this guard is the kimura. Keep reading to see how you can use the kimura from the z guard to submit any opponent.

Lock the position down

When using the z guard, you need to take your time and not rush through it. You really need to lock the position down and make sure it is fundamentally solid. If you rush, you could forget to block the opponent’s arm or forget to cross your feet. By missing those steps, you will get your z guard smashed and passed. Remember the basics of the position. Start by getting your half guard bottom leg hook. Then put your top knee in the opponent’s chest, while crossing your feet. And of course, use one of your hands to block the shoulder or bicep, while your other hand grabs the wrist.

Shoot your leg through & lock up the kimura

Once your opponent is trapped in your guard and you have the proper controls, you are almost ready to finish the submission. Make sure you have the wrist grabbed and the bicep blocked. When you’re ready to make your move, you need to shoot your top leg through and triangle your own legs, while you sit up and lock up the kimura on your opponent’s arm/shoulder with a figure four grip. Now you’re about ready to finish it.

Go to your back and arch on your shoulders to finish

You have everything locked up, so now you can go for the kill. What you need to do is go flat to your back, bridge and arch up onto your shoulders. Crank the arm/shoulder upwards, close to his back and he will tap.

The z guard is one that can be used a lot more. People who don’t like the feel of a lot of pressure on them will find this guard very useful. There are great subs such as the kimura available, and some sweeps as well. If you want to learn more about both the z guard and the kimura, then check out…

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