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Systematically Attacking From Open Guard Seated Position by Gordon Ryan


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Gordon Ryan

Professional Fighter

The best no-gi grappler on Earth, Gordon “The King” Ryan, shares his secrets for creating action and attacking opponents from seated open guard.

  • Use Gordon’s signature moves, including the shoulder crunch sumi gaeshi, double kouchi gari, and ashi garami entries he has used at elite black belt levels
  • Learn the first half of Gordon Ryan’s seated & supine open guard system, as he shows you how anyone can use these techniques for success
  • Approach your open guard systematically so you have options and goals for any reaction, with these techniques perfected by Gordon and his professor John Danaher
  • Watch Gordon Ryan spar from his seated guard, and then break down the footage so you can understand his techniques in action.
  • Know more. Win more.

Learn The Secret Seated Open Guard System That Gordon Ryan Uses To Sweep And Submit The Best Fighters On Earth

3-Time ADCC Champion Gordon Ryan Shows His Seated Guard System For Pressuring And Attacking From Bottom

Check Out The Trailer To Gordon's Open Guard Series!

What Will You Learn?

Gordon Ryan is back with BJJ Fanatics, to share one of his most anticipated series yet, his seated open guard. Across 8-volumes, learn the system behind Gordon’s open guard success, and how to attack with his step-by-step method of attacking the opponent.

In this series, you’ll get to see the secrets behind some of Gordon’s signature techniques, including his shoulder crunch sumi gaeshi, his ashi garami entries, double kouchi garis, elevations, and more!

Gordon’s seated guard is one half of his open guard, and this will combine with his upcoming supine guard series for a unified system. Use his step-by-step approach to understand the goals, tools, and fundamentals of the position better than ever, as Gordon’s detailed coaching breaks down every detail.

These are the fundamentals and secrets behind the system Gordon has used to win at the highest levels of grappling. Gordon’s open guard has become one of the sharpest ever, and he has used this seated guard to dominate some of the best grapplers on Earth. Now you can get Gordon’s perspective on what he does, and why he is doing it.

In this 8-volume mega-series, see Gordon spar live in the gym against a group of grapplers, and then break down the footage so you can see his system in action. This insight is an incredibly valuable tool towards understanding the complete series when you are facing a resisting opponent.

Basic Elevation Drills

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Intro to open guard
  • 4 main body positions
  • Goal setting
  • Distance management
  • The importance of concave shoulders
  • Drill to help reinforce the idea of concave shoulders
  • Basic ashi garami entrance versus square stance
  • Single kouchi into ashi versus square stance
  • Double kouchi no grips
  • Double kouchi using collar tie
  • Understanding the importance of 2 on 1 gripping and arm dragging
  • Basic ashi garami entrances via 2 on 1
  • Double kouchi when opponent pulls back
  • Failed double kouchi shin to shin entrance
  • Shin to shin kouchi/ashi entrance
  • Mechanics of entering ashi from shin to shin

Part 2:

  • Introduction to te waza (hand technique) versus square stance
  • Kibisu gaeshi (ankle pick) series
  • Combining te waza ashi waza and ashi garami
  • 2 on 1s to kibisu gaeshi
  • Reverse imanari roll
  • Imanari roll
  • Introduction to staggered stance
  • Grip fighting versus stagnant opponent staggered stance
  • Grip fighting the near hand to attain far arm
  • Forcing square stance double kouchi
  • Accessing far leg ashi garami/x guard entrances
  • Introducing de ashi harai
  • De ashi harai sweep
  • De ashi back take
  • Failed de ashi double kouchi followup 
  • Entering shin to shin from distance

Part 3:

  • Introduction to a kneeling opponent
  • Goal setting
  • Distance (Control)
  • Push pull relationship
  • Reiterating the upper body and lower body relationship
  • Classification of sweeps
  • The four quadrants
  • The need for multi-directional sumi gaeshis
  • Forward shifting
  • Forehead to the mat rule
  • The sad truth
  • The importance of sticky hooks
  • Basic elevation drills
  • Elevation to a irimi ashi garami
  • Elevation into cross ashi garami
  • Basic kuzushis
  • Grip fighting strategies

Part 4:

  • 2 on 1 elbow basic sweep
  • 2 on 1 elbow planted foot
  • 2 on 1 hiza guruma
  • 2 on 1 elbow back take
  • 2 on 1 elbow switch to over under
  • 2 on 1 elbow enter the legs
  • Repeat series with arm drag
  • Performing a proper under over sweep
  • Under over hiza guruma
  • Forward shift to counter a post hand
  • Failed under over enter the legs
  • Under over switch to kata gatame
  • Back take from kata gatame
  • The kata gatame trilemma
  • Forward shifting with kata gatame

Part 5:

  • Failed under over witch to pinch headlock
  • Transitioning from pinch headlock to katagatame
  • Sweeping from pinch headlock
  • Multi-directional sweeps from pinch headlock
  • Switching from pinch headlock to shoulder crunch
  • Sweeping from shoulder crunch
  • Multi-directional shoulder crunch sumi gaeshi
  • Failed shoulder crunch/pinch headlock enter the legs
  • Shoulder crunch forward shift into sankaku (triangle)
  • Taking a look at some combinations
  • Understanding the roll that double unders play
  • Sweeping from double unders
  • Explanations behind countering the body lock pass
  • Countering the body lock with a double overhook sumi gaeshi
  • Countering body locks with multi-directional sumi gaeshis
  • Failed double over sumi gaeshi - enter the legs
  • Forward shifting from a successful body lock
  • Baiting an underhook
  • Switching sides and combinations
  • The roles that collar ties play
  • Collar tie to guillotine
  • Guillotine combinations
  • Introduction to yoko sumi gaeshi
  • Yoko sumi gaeshi combinations
  • Yoko sumi gaeshi combinations 2

Part 6:

  • Changing gears
  • Partner collar ties - enter sankaku (triangle)
  • Partner collar ties - enter juji gatame (arm bar)
  • Failed juji/sankaku - enter the legs
  • Countering head and shoulder posts
  • 2 on 1 elbow to triangle
  • Triangle fails switch to arm drag
  • Arm dragging to the back
  • Arm dragging to the back 2
  • Arm dragging to the back 3
  • How to properly enter the legs when opponent steps a leg up
  • Using arm drags and 2 on 1s to force opponent to step a leg up
  • Additional yoko sumi gaeshis when opponent steps a leg up
  • Touching on the nogi berimbolos
  • Push/pull combinations
  • Touching on guard retention
  • Breaking the rules
  • Outro
  • Outtakes 

Part 7 Rolling:

  • Placido
  • Jack 
  • Drew
  • Alex
  • Shawn

Part 8 Rolling Commentary:

  • Placido 
  • Jack 
  • Drew 
  • Alex
  • Shawn

2 on 1 Elbow Basic Sweep

So, What Does It All Cost?