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This Russian Tie Throw Will Change Your Takedowns

This Russian Tie Throw Will Change Your Takedowns


Discover The Power Of The Russian Tie Throw

The Russian tie throw is an awesome throw that works really well when incorporated into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. First of all, what exactly is the Russian tie? In essence, it is a control position that opens up all types of submissions or take down opportunities. When you establish the Russian tie, you have complete control over your opponent’s arm, which allows you to control where their body moves, as well as their posture. The Russian tie comes down to two fundamental concepts: the grip placement, and finding the correct angle.

The Russian Tie is one of most powerful grips for takedowns, and even has it's implecations on the mats. One of the best grappling instructors who understands the Russian Tie... like a Russian is Vlad Koulikov. His integration of Sambo, Judo and BJJ make him one of the most complete and knowledgeable grapplers on the planet.


Today we are going to look as a wrestling instruction video on how to do the Russian tie throw. To get the throw you will have to roll under your opponent but it is actually very easy to learn.

The set up for the Russian tie is great from the clinch. If your opponent has their arm controlling your neck it is easy enough to sweep off their arm and establish your grips. Pay attention to the grips here because this is an important detail. You want an under hook at your opponent’s bicep and you want to grab the wrist from below. Notice how he keeps his arm in tight to his side. Once you have that you can establish the actual tie, locking up your opponent’s arm to your body. When you have the arm locked up you can now start to pressure down on your opponent to break his posture. As your training partner fights to get away you can dive in and roll. Your opponent should go up and over your body as you roll. And when you land you should still have the Russian tie, which stops your opponent from taking your back or getting to their feet. From here there are many submission opportunities. Since you already have the arm you can work for an arm lock. Or, switch it up and go for a neck crank or choke.

Integrating Sambo with Jiu Jitsu is one of the best tips Vlad can offer you. Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are a perfect compliment for each other. BJJ is known for it's guard, chokes and body positions, while Sambo is known for it's takedowns and foot locks. Vlad should put out a DVD on how to integrate both.... oh wait.


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