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Five Essential BJJ Takedowns!

Five Essential BJJ Takedowns!


Add these crucial BJJ Takedowns to Your Game!

When first starting BJJ, you could find yourself pulling guard a lot during rolling. It is completely understandable. Pulling guard takes less energy and puts yourself in an advantageous position with less chance of a counter. But…it is of the utmost importance to get good at handful of jiu jitsu takedowns so you can work more portions of your game and make yourself a more complete grappler. Here are five essential takedowns for anyone to learn and use, regardless of gi or no gi. Also check out our article "The Double Leg" and the "Single Leg" to learn more on those famous takedowns!



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5) Tai Otoshi

Tai Otoshi was the first takedown I ever learned in Jiu Jitsu. After learning this, it quickly became a go to of mine. This is one of the easier, but effective takedowns from Judo. With good hip movement and a good leg sweep, this is a takedown that you should be able to land, especially if you’re new to the world of grappling.

4) Ouchi Gari

This was another great Judo takedown that I was able to pick up rather quickly and you should be able to as well. What makes this takedown so nice is that if you are not able to hit it at first, you will not end up in a bad position, as you would from a committed hip throw or double leg takedown. Once you are able to land this, it will be one you go to over and over again. Find more about it in Internationally Tested Ouchi Gari Attacks by Benjamin Darbelet

3) Single Leg Takedown

When it comes to the single leg takedown, there are so many variations. There always are different flavors of this takedown. Whether it be more of a Wrestling style or Judo style, gi or no gi, the single leg works. It is a high percentage technique that anyone can master if drilled enough and used in live rolling.

2) Arm Drag To Rear Leg Trip

The simplicity of this takedown is what makes this an utter gem. After hitting an arm drag and getting to the back, all you need to do is stick close and hit a straight legged trip. You will almost always end up with some kind of top control, usually the mount position.

1) Kouchi Gari

This throw seems to be universally loved throughout BJJ, Sambo, Judo and Wrestling. It is what would be referred to as a crowd pleaser. When you successfully land this throw, it usually will get “oohs” and “ahhs” from spectators. This particular throw is one of the more difficult ones to pick up, but it is certainly one to study vigorously.

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There are so many powerful, and applicable takedowns in the grappling world. It doesn’t matter which you learn, as long as you learn. Some of these may fit your style, while others may not. It is up to you to figure out which will work best for you. If you’re looking for extracurricular material to get better at takedowns, check out a fantastic DVD set, known as The Judo Academy. Four  DVD’s with material taught by Judo greats, Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro. It is a must for any competitive grappler! Check 2020 Modolfo ADCC Camp Sparring Sessions by Mo.

If you are more into wrestling check our incredible DVD Set "Wrestling for BJJ" by Hudson Taylor.  Hudson was a Division 1 NCAA wrestler who is also a Marcelo Garcia blue belt.  He received his blue belt in just 6 months and after one month as a blue belt he won the adult IBJJF Blue Belt World Championships.



If you are more into reading, check out 5x Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria's FREE E-book.  This is an excellent resource to get tips and trick that will accelerate your growth in bjj! Check it out and take your standing game to the next level.

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