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Armdrag Takedown - 3 Essential Techniques



The arm drag has a bunch of different uses in grappling. It can set up back takes, submissions and even takedowns. An arm drag gives you the connection you need to begin an effective takedown and gives you the correct angle to finish that takedown. It works with both Wrestling and Judo style takedowns, and enhances their success rate. While there a variety of takedowns based off of the arm drag, here are three excellent choices for takedowns you can hit from it.

Double Leg

The double leg is a takedown that exists in every grappling style. Whether it be BJJ, Judo, Sambo, or Wrestling, the double leg exists in some form. Shooting standard doubles can be rough in Jiu Jitsu or Submission Wrestling because of the fact that you can be put in a choke if everything is not perfect. But when using an arm drag, you can get a better angle and the right penetration to your opponent to get a solid double leg takedown. Due to the angle, after hitting the double leg, you should end up with a dominant side control on your opponent. It is a nice change up on a classic technique.

Inside Leg Trip

The inside leg trip is a great Judo style takedown that can be achieved from the arm drag. Just like the double leg, the inside leg trip works so much better after getting the right angle. You can do the trip while standing up like a sweeping reap, or you can do the trip with your inside knee actually touching the ground. After your opponent is taken down, you are able to use a knee slice pass and get right to side control or a modified scarf hold.

Rear Takedown

The rear takedown is a classic takedown to BJJ. It is actually one of the first takedowns I ever learned in Jiu Jitsu. As with every other technique on this list, you use the angle that you achieve from the arm drag to get to your opponent’s back. Once you have a firm body lock on your opponent, you take the leg that is behind his back and straighten it out, framing your leg by staying on your heel. You can then drag the opponent to the ground. Depending on how he falls, you can end up in mount, side control or with the back taken.

The arm drag is one of the best paths to victory in grappling. There is so much you can do just from using the drag. Marcelo Garcia, one of the best BJJ champions of all time showed how effective the arm drag can be in competition. There are ways to improve your takedowns and there are reputable DVD’s to help with that as well. Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro have a 3 DVD set called The Takedown Blueprint to help your game.

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