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Dean Lister’s Best Leg Attacks



Dean Lister is a name synonymous with submission attacks to the legs and feet. He is a multiple ADCC champion with wins in the open weight division and an ADCC super fight champion. He is a dangerous leg attack specialists and has specific ways of performing these techniques. By learning the way that he does these attacks, you can begin to up your own leg attack game. Here are three of Dean Lister’s best leg submissions.

Straight foot lock. Dean has a unique way of performing the straight foot lock. Inside of going with a standard leg entanglement, he will actually use his own legs to spread his opponent’s legs apart, while keeping one foot on the hip to maintain some control.  He will then grab his own fist for the grip on the foot lock and raise his hands to his chest to get proper leverage. From there he will take a deep breath in to take away slack, and roll his shoulders back to finish his opponent with the lock. This is one of the techniques he has made famous in competition.

The corkscrew foot lock. Dean also has a neat, nontraditional foot lock that he calls the corkscrew foot lock. You can do this, right after breaking the guard open or working outside of the guard. The grip is rather interesting. The grip is similar to that of a baseball bat choke, using a type of gable grip. You use the small bone part of your forearm to get the painful bite on the opponent’s ankle, but use your other forearm to lock his foot in place. You can posture back and get the finish. This is a different type of lock that some may not be familiar with, which is a big bonus for you, the attacker.

The kneebar. While nothing too revolutionary or different, Dean does have some of the small, important details that can turn an average kneebar into a decimating kneebar. What Dean does, is use a rear naked choke grip on the ankle. He then pins the opponent’s foot to his shoulder and neck. What this does is prevent the opponent from rolling out of your submission. What these mechanics also do, is stop the opponent from using his free leg to kick you close arm off to get out of the kneebar. It’s simple and strong attack.

While we have many great leg submission specialists competing these days, Dean was the man for leg attacks back in the day. When you went against Dean in competition, you knew you had to protect your legs or you were going home with a hurt leg and a loss. Dean Lister does seminars sharing his leg submission knowledge and has done some DVD’s. His four DVD set, Leg Attacks and Grappling Hacks is an awesome resource for anyone wanting to improve their leg attack specialty.

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