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Matt “No Regard” Arroyo is a very active BJJ competitor out of Tampa, Florida. You might remember his name from his stint in the UFC back in 2007. Arroyo competed in the  hit reality show, The Ultimate Fighter. He was on the season that was Team Hughes vs Team Serra. Arroyo was a favorite of that season, defeating every opponent in the house. When it came to the semi finals, he had an unfortunate rib injury and had to withdraw from the competition. Once he got a UFC contract, he had mixed results. He did however, win Submission of the Night at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale against John Kolosci. After his UFC stint, the Royce Gracie black belt went back to competing in his passion, which was no gi BJJ.

Continue to read to see some of Matt’s best competition wins Submission Wrestling and no gi BJJ.

Matt Arroyo vs Orlando Castillo @ 2014 TUG Finale

In 2014, Matt competed at the The Ultimate Grappler (known as TUG) Finale, which was held by the Newbreed Challenge. Matt had his first match against fellow competitor, Orlando Castillo. Orlando is a purple belt with a ton of competition wins. Castillo started the match by dropping down to play some half guard, which is one of his best positions. Arroyo calmly played top in the half guard, working his options. At about one minute and twenty seconds in to the match, he locked up a deep d’arce choke from the top and was able to make Castillo tap out. Quick and easy showing for the Gracie black belt.

Matt Arroyo vs Miguel Baeza @ 2014 TUG Finale

Matt’s impressive streak continued at the TUG Finale in 2014. In another match at the event, Matt took on BJJ brown belt and MMA champ, Miguel Baeza. During the early stages of the match, both decided to play some butterfly guard against one another. That was until, Arroyo was able to take Baeza’s back. But Baeza was tough and was able to get out of the bad position. There were some good scrambles and attempts by both competitors, but in the end, Arroyo did what he does best, and took the back. This time, Miguel would not break free, and would tap to a tight rear naked choke.

Matt Arroyo vs Michael Padilla @ 2015 Grapplers Quest Pro

In 2015, Arroyo would end up facing Renzo Gracie black belt, Michael Padilla in the 185lb category at Grapplers Quest. Padilla took the initiative and started playing some open guard and butterfly against the UFC vet. This was a tough match, between two talented competitors. Padilla played a wicked good guard, while Arroyo was a nonstop passing machine. But, Matt Arroyo was able to find a path to victory. He took Padilla’s back and got his crushing body triangle. It was not long after that he was able to finish his opponent with the rear naked choke in a entertaining match.

When not competing, Matt Arroyo teaches out of his BJJ school in Tampa, Florida. Imparting his skills and techniques to his students and fellow competitors. He has also released a DVD, covering his best position, the back. Called, “The Back Attack Blueprint”, this DVD can help anyone looking to improve their back position.

Click here to see “The Back Attack Blueprint”, on sale for $77 at BJJ Fanatics.


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