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Product Spotlight: Lutador & Impassable Shorts



There is an old saying that says “dress to impress”. That old saying goes a long way. And in this case in pertains to Jiu Jitsu. If you want to look like a champ, then you should wear the gear that says you are a champ. For no gi competitors, your shorts will say a lot about you. Don’t be one of those guys who constantly wears basketball shorts to training and tournaments. Get yourself looking like a real Jiu Jitsu fighter. Today’s shorts can help you with that.

The first pair of shorts that BJJ Fanatics has one sale, are the Black Fire shorts by Impassable. A leader in great quality and sharp looking products, these Impassable shorts show that you are a real contender. These shorts are black with orange designs and graphics. The name, Impassable, is on both the left leg and on the velcro belt of the shorts. There is a graphic of two grapplers on the right leg. These are some truly cool looking shorts. Shorts like these usually go for $60 or more, but BJJ Fanatics has them for only $39! Get them before they are out!

Click here to see the Black Fire shorts by Impassable. Only $39!

But those are not the only cool shorts on sale at the moment. Lutador, the company who combines the ideas of Vale Tudo and Lucha Libre together, have had a durable, awesome looking pair of shorts. These shorts by Lutador are decked out with designs and graphics. The left leg has Lutador on the side and the Lucha mask as well. The right leg has a bigger version of the mask and a cool, tribal-esque design, and the name Lutador is on the velcro belt. These are my personal favorites. Not only because of the look, but also because of the price. The Lutador shorts can be yours now, again, for only $39.

Click here to see the super cool Lutador shorts for only $39!

Both of these shorts come in small (starting at 120lbs) all the way to 2XL (255lbs) for the big boys. These shorts will surely set you apart from the mundane and every day. Oss!


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