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Judo Takedowns for BJJ | 3 Easiest Techniques



Though Wrestling seems to be the rage of most people in Jiu Jitsu as of late, I was always a big fan and avid user of takedowns from Judo that are present in BJJ. One of the biggest reasons that Judo takedowns don’t get a lot of love in Jiu Jitsu is that they take a good amount of time to drill and use in live situations. But that shouldn’t discourage you. Getting good at Judo takedowns will give you an explosive element rather than just shooting doubles or pulling guard. There are some you can even start using right away, as they are rather easy to perform. For those of you who are interested in these techniques, check out my three favorite, and easiest Judo takedowns.

O-Soto Gari

You’ll catch opponent’s leaning back while standing up. Perhaps it is laziness or just a momentarily lapse, but once a lean back happens, the o-soto gari is ready for you. Even the slightest of leaning back, makes this takedown easy to hit. It is actually the first Judo takedown I ever learned and I use it to this day. It is great in gi, and good in no gi as well. The throw transcends that factor. Using forward momentum and your outer reaping leg, you’ll get opponents down again and again with this simple but effective throw.


While o-soto gari is the simplest of the bunch, tai-otoshi is right behind it as relatively simple. Tai-otoshi is in my mind, a gi only technique (though I’m sure there is a no gi version out there somewhere). The takedown uses the breaking of balance and posture by controlling the gi jacket, and pulling the opponent forward. Once they are forward and off balance, the person attacking with the tai-otoshi, steps and turns, using the now forward leg to get their opponent thrown to the ground.

Ouchi Gari

Out of these three, this is probably my favorite takedown. The ouchi gari is a strong and controlling takedown. It can be used with the gi and without. This technique, in the gi, uses standard Judo/BJJ grips, of gripping the lapel and sleeve. The person attacking with ouchi gari, uses a leg for a big inside reap. It is a high percentage move, where you will get your opponent down and end up in their guard. Once again, forward momentum is a factor here that will work in your favor for a successful execution.

These are all easy takedowns for anyone to use. These techniques all include the least amount of strenuous movement, with the maximum reward. And not many people know how to properly defend and fight off Judo style takedowns. With these techniques, you will get on top more often and be able to dominate from there.

Travis Stevens, a two time Judo Olympian and BJJ black belt has a DVD set that shows even more Judo takedowns applicable to BJJ competition. It is wonderful set that can help anyone out that is trying to get better at getting their opponents down to the mat.

The Takedown Blueprint, three DVD set by Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro, only $67. Click here!

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