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Product Spotlight(s): Impassable 8 Bit Rashguard & Lutador Rashguard!



Here is two Jiu Jitsu products that needs the spotlight on them. The Lutador Rashguard and the 8 Bit Rashguard by Impassable.. For anyone that partakes in the no gi aspect of Jiu Jitsu knows how important good quality rashguards are. The rashguards you wear, will take just as much abuse as your gi will, so invest in a good one! You’ll thank yourself later and appreciate the advice.

The first one I want to look at, is the Lutador Rashguard. Like many people, I grew up watching professional wrestling, way before I ever got into martial arts. The wrestlers that I loved to watch the most were the luchadors from Mexico. They were daring, exciting and always rocked those cool masks. Well the luchador mask is well represented on it this. The mask on the product is the mask of one of the greatest luchadors ever to come from Mexico. The Blue Demon. Mixed with the overall black on the product, you will look like one cool dude on the mats.

Lutador Rashguard, check it out right here at BJJ Fanatics!

The next rashguard that I wanted to highlight is the 8 Bit Rashguard made by Impassable. I am a huge fan of Impassable products. They are straight up high quality but a fraction of the price from some of the bigger, over saturated brands out there. The 8 Bit Rashguard plays off of every guy’s childhood, and that is video games. The product is made to look like the classic fighting game, Street Fighter! Pretty cool already. On the front, it shows a Jiu Jitsu fighter in the middle of a pass, with the graphic of “Pass, 3 Points!” being proudly displayed. On the back, it has a another Jiu Jitsu fighter hitting a sweep with, “Sweep, 2 Points!” being displayed. If that isn’t enough fun for a video game lover and Jiu Jitsu competitor, then I don’t know what is.

Impassable 8 Bit Rashguard, the Street Fighter inspired design, here at BJJ Fanatics!

Whether you are a fan of pro wrestling or old video games, these could be perfect for you. They are far superior to the plain, solid color rashguards that inhabit many Jiu Jitsu schools. They add a flash and flair to your gear, and help your personality shine through. Best part of this, is that both of these awesome pieces are only $39 at the moment! That is a fantastic deal. Rashguards like this usually sell well over $50. Take advantage of this deal and scoop one, or both up!



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