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Best Submissions Against Big Guys



While Jiu Jitsu allows for the smaller person to beat the bigger guy, not every single technique is best for beating the bigger guys that we go against on the mats. There are certain techniques that work better than others. Armbars are great, until that big guy curls you like a big free weight and busts out. I’ve learned this from experience. From sparring to the big weight divisions I’ve competed in, in no gi, I can tell you which submissions have worked perfect. And here they are.

Rear Naked Choke –

The good, old fashioned mata leao. It is nicknamed the lion killer for a reason. This choke is king and takes no prisoners. There is nothing fancy needed on this. If you are on a bigger competitor’s back and lock this on fully, it is over. Strength no longer plays a role. All arteries are the same. The big guy will have to either tap and be humble, or take a little nap right there on the mat.

Wrist Lock Of Off Armbar From Mount –

An armbar is always a good idea. But it becomes less of a good idea to perform on a competitor that outweighs you and can simply curl their way out of it. An easier, more effective attack to do from the armbar from mount position is to catch a wrist and finish with a wrist lock. From this set up, you do everything you would to hit the armbar from mount. When you are off of your opponent, going for the armbar, most likely, the big guy will curl his arm in. Move your hands down to control the top of the opponent’s hand, and press their elbow into your stomach to apply to pressure to submit.

Triangle Choke –

Now this is a double ended sword. The triangle IS effective on big opponent’s, but only if you do every single aspect of the technique correct. The choke stops being effective, if you do not cut an angle and control the leg. If you do not do that, then you can be picked up and slammed with great force. That’s where it can get dangerous. But, if you lock it in, cut the angle and control the leg, it is a strong finishing maneuver. I have personally finished off 185lbers and 195lbers in competition with controlling triangle chokes, and you can too. The triangle also is effective from mount, as the strong guys cannot bench press you off of them.

You will have your go to submissions against the big dogs of Jiu Jitsu. It is one of the times where your game will have to change. The change isn’t negative either. You adapt to that situation at hand. And when you go against someone that out matches you with strength, you can even the playing field with those certain submissions that will help you become a giant slayer.

From this article, as you can see, chokes work well against the big guys. As I mentioned earlier, arteries are arteries. They are all affected the same. Danaher black belt, Travis Stevens has a fantastic DVD that will help you get your chokes up to a high level, so you can be a beater of the big dogs.

“Chokes” DVD by Olympic Judo silver medalist & Danaher black belt, Travis Stevens. Only $47! Click here.


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