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Eric Hinman His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Eric Hinman His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Eric Hinman?

Eric Hinman is an endurance athlete who specialises in strength and conditioning. Eric has expertise in crossfit and has been competing at the crossfit games since 2015. Eric is a former Ironman who has competed in 7 triathlons including events in Texas, North Carolina, New York and even a world championship in Hawaii. 

Who Is Eric Hinman?

Eric Hinman is an endurance athlete who specialises in strength and conditioning. Eric has expertise in crossfit and has been competing at the crossfit games since 2015. Eric is a former Ironman who has competed in 7 triathlons including events in Texas, North Carolina, New York and even a world championship in Hawaii. 

Strength Training and Stretching for Endurance Athletes by Eric Hinman

Eric is a content creator for many channels of functional fitness and strength and conditioning. He is heavily involved as a social media influencer with over 60 thousand followers, the highly motivated athlete has sponsored many start up businesses. Eric only invests in products he believes in, and he has helped many companies like; Vital Proteins, GNC, Ten Thousand, Beam, Lane Eight, Chipotle and Whole Foods.

Eric is an entrepreneur who dabbles with health and wellbeing, technical support and the hospitality industry. During his 20’s he built an insurance business that gave him a residual income, through the success of his company he became a highly financed individual who started incorporating Angel Investing as a part of his business portfolio. Eric focused his attention on building an athletic facility in Syracuse, New York called Urban Life. Eric also co-founded a chain of “Healthy Grain” which is a healthy but fast serviced restaurant. Another business Eric is involved with is “XO Taco” which is a very contemporary Mexican restaurant in Syracuse New York, USA.

From 2012 ranging through to 2014 Eric Hinman was a Ironman Triathlete. He competed in 7 triathlons, with his first in Lake Placid where he finished in 33rd position. In 2013 he competed in Raleigh in North Carolina where he recorded a 17th position finish, followed by another 30th place at Lake Placid. In 2014 He then competed in Texas and Syracuse finishing 33rd and 39th respectively. He achieved his best ever result on the 27th of July at Lake Placid, finishing 7th. Eric tried his hand at the World Championships in Hawaii, with extremely tough competition Eric finished in 189th position.

Eric was already heavily involved with strength and conditioning, and after retiring from being an ironman he put all of his focus into crossfit. Eric started competing at the crossfit games in 2015, relatively new to this sport it took some time to find his feet. In his first year he was ranked 38,970th worldwide, but as each year passed he started climbing the ranks moving into 6470th in 2016. Eric jumped into 213th in 2017 and 122nd by 2019. Today he is ranked 89th in the world and 45th in the USA.

A day in the life of Eric Hinman is quite extraordinary as his regime consists of; Waking up every morning before 7am with no alarm. He then heads straight to the kitchen for a double espresso; a 24-ounce glass of water; a power-packed smoothie bowl of nut milk, spinach, plant-based protein, banana, and avocado; and a personalized packet of vitamins and supplements designed specifically for Eric by GNC4U. He then begins his first workout, he starts with five sets of two front squats and four sets of two power cleans at 80 percent of one-rep max, four sets of eight thrusters, four 80-foot handstand walks, and four sets of 25 GHD sit-ups.

 Eric will then sit down to lunch, then he will work on his business dealings throughout the afternoon. Eric's second workout consists of: 90 minutes of an aerobic activity like mountain biking, hiking or trail running. Eric likes to finish off his day by putting time into his recovery, so every day after his afternoon session he will spend some time sitting in an ice bath and an infrared sauna. 

Simplified Strength Training Templates For BJJ by Alex Sterner & Alex Bryce

How Old Is Eric Hinman?

Eric Hinman was born in New York in 1980 he later moved to Denver in Colorado, he is currently 41 years of age.

Eric Hinman’s Family!

Eric Hinman grew up in Syracuse in New York, as a young kid he was always extremely competitive against himself. His parents Charlie and Nancy always supported Eric in his sporting endeavours. Eric played basketball, cross country cycling and he ran track. Eric put vast amounts of hard work into his sports that paid dividends for the up and coming athlete. Cross country and track running were his favourite sports and it really showed in how he persevered through all the training he did. Eric now lives with his girlfriend Jill, Eric claims that she keeps him fed and puts up with all his rough training schedules. Eric's family have been extremely supportive throughout his career, as they watched all of his race meets.

Eric Hinman Wife: A Supportive Partner

In the life of a high-performance athlete like Eric Hinman, a supportive partner plays a crucial role. His girlfriend, Jill, is a constant source of support, understanding, and care. She keeps him fed, manages their home, and puts up with his rigorous training schedules. Eric’s enduring success and resilience are a testament to the strength of their partnership, and he often acknowledges the significant role Jill plays in his life.

Eric Hinman Diet: Fuelling an Elite Athlete

Eric Hinman's diet is not merely a meal plan; it's the lifeblood of his athletic performance and entrepreneurial energy. Eric starts each day with a double espresso, a 24-ounce glass of water, and a power-packed smoothie bowl that includes nut milk, spinach, plant-based protein, banana, and avocado. To ensure that his body has all the necessary nutrients, he also takes a personalized packet of vitamins and supplements designed specifically for him. Throughout the day, he fuels himself with wholesome, balanced meals, never compromising on the quality of his food. Eric's diet is a testimony to the age-old adage: you are what you eat. Every meal he consumes is carefully crafted to power his workouts, recover from intense training sessions, and keep his cognitive functions sharp.

Eric Hinman Birthday: Celebrating a Powerhouse

Born in 1980, Eric Hinman celebrates his birthday each year with the same vigor and intensity that he brings to his training. Despite the demands of his athletic and entrepreneurial pursuits, he ensures to make the day a celebration of his achievements, aspirations, and the journey so far. Each year on his birthday, Eric is not merely adding a number to his age, but a wealth of experiences, learnings, and victories, both on the mat and in the business world. His birthday serves as a powerful reminder of his ongoing journey towards pushing the boundaries of his physical capabilities and business ventures.

How Much Is Eric Hinman Worth?

Eric Hinman is an extremely successful entrepreneur, he has invested a considerable amount of money into many of his successful businesses. He started with an insurance business which helped fund his other projects like; Urban Life Athletics, Healthy Grain and XO Taco. Eric enjoys the process of setting up businesses, he has quoted that he loves to find a product he believes in and invest in it, watching it grow into a successful business. Through all of these processes Eric has an extremely wealthy income, his net worth is not publicly spoken about but considering all of his accomplishments it is safe to say he is worth tens of millions.

How Tall Is Eric Hinman?

Eric Hinman stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which equates to 177 centimetres.

How Much Does Eric Hinman Weigh?

Eric Hinman weighs in at 172 lbs which is the equivalent of 78 kilograms.

Eric Hinman's Competitive List! 

Eric Hinman has competed in several triathlons throughout his career, his expertise as an endurance athlete has been outstanding. Eric has always prided himself on how he conditions his body in preparation for these types of events. Eric is also big on his nutrition, as he has a scientific method to what fuel he puts in his body. Eric has competed at events like; the 

Ironman races - Lake Placid 3 times, the Ironman races - Syracuse 70.3, Ironman races - Texas 70.3, Ironman races - Raleigh 70.3 and the Ironman World Championships held in Hawaii. Eric has also participated in the Crossfit Games since 2015 with his best worldwide ranking in 2021, where he ranked 89th in the world and 45th in the United states. 

Eric Hinman's Best Event Of All Time!

One of Eric’s best events was on the 2nd of June in 2013 at the Ironman races - Raleigh 70.3. Finishing 17th overall, Eric won his first ever Age Group win. Eric started off with what he described as a horrible swim, as the day before the event it was tipped as a non wetsuit event because of the water temperature. On race day the water temperature was a beautiful 78 degrees, but unfortunately for Eric his wetsuit was up in his hotel room. Eric was unhappy that he knew he would lose time in the swim, when he jumped out of the water he hammered his bike to make up time. Eric then came home strong during the run to hold off other competitors and finished 17th, but won in his age group. This was a huge triumph for Eric as his friends and family cheered him on. 

Where Did Eric Hinman Lose?

Eric Hinman competed at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. Leading into the event he conditioned himself well as he looked to make an imprint on the competition. The day before the race Eric became quite ill with a stomach bug, determined to not quit he decided to race anyway. During the race he endured through his sickness, but by the time he started the bike leg of the race he couldn’t hold down any of his nutrition. Facing adversity and many thoughts of quitting, Eric reminded himself how lucky he was to be racing in Kona. He knew he had to finish the race, and through pure grit and determination he crossed the finish line in 11 hours. Although Eric had lost the event by coming in 189th place it was a stunning win in his book of breaking through adversity and proving he was mentally strong enough to achieve anything.

Eric Hinman’s Record!

Eric Hinman is currently ranked #89 in the world and #45 in the USA as a crossfit athlete in the 40 - 44 Mens division. Eric has been steadily increasing his rank every year since 2015 when he was ranked #38,970

Eric Hinman’s benchmark statistics are; Back Squat (350 lbs) Clean and Jerk (265 lbs) Snatch (215 lbs) Deadlift (400 lbs) Eric also runs the 5k in 17 minutes flat. 

Eric has competed successfully as an ironman by winning his age group on more than one occasion. His best overall finish was at the Ironman races in Lake Placid in 2014 where Eric finished in 7th place.

Eric Hinman’s Injuries!

Eric Hinman is an extraordinary athlete, he is well conditioned through his crossfit and triathlon years. In the off season to triathlon Eric would train 4 - 5 days a week and then 2 - 3 days a week when he geared up for Ironman events. Through all of this rigorous training and with the help of Urban Life Athletics, Eric has maintained a pristine condition and an injury free career. All of the injury prevention comes from the strengthening of his core muscles. The only injury Eric has endured was a result of a bike crash, which left him with cuts, bruises and broken ribs. Eric is an expert when it comes to recovery so he didn't spend long on the sidelines at all. 

Is Eric Hinman Retired?

Eric Hinman has retired from competing in triathlons but he is still very active when it comes to the Crossfit Games. Eric is also extremely active with his own personal strength and fitness as it has become his motto in life to be fit, strong and healthy. Eric also continues his work with his entrepreneurial skills, as his business dealings keep him extremely busy during the day. Eric is one of those highly motivated individuals that loves to inspire people with his keen business sense and his expertise in health, strength and conditioning.

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