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Trevor Wittman Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Trevor Wittman Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Trevor Wittman?

Trevor Wittman is a highly regarded boxing and MMA coach based in Wheatridge, Colorado.  Originally born and raised in Colorado, he spent time in New Jersey as a young man where he wrestled in high school and eventually would transition from karate to boxing as a teenager.

He was born on March 5, 1974 in Colorado.  He has trained a who's who of high level MMA fighters.  He is also the owner of ONX fitness equipment.  Previously he ran the Grudge Training Center in Colorado, but had to step away due to his responsibilities with ONX.  

He continues to train elite level fighters on a limited basis.

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trevor whittman

How Old is Trevor Wittman?

Trevor Wittman was born on March 5, 1974.  He is currently 47 years old.

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Trevor Wittman's Family

Trevor Wittman married his wife Christina in 2005.  They have a son Terrence and a daughter Marissa.

How Much is Trevor Wittman Worth?

 Trevor Wittman has a net worth estimated to be over $1 million dollars.

How Tall is Trevor Wittman?

There is no documentation currently available for Trevor Wittman's height.

How Much Does Trevor Wittman Weigh?

There is currently no documented sources available for Trevor Wittman's weight.

Trevor Wittman's Fighter List

After returning to Colorado from New Jersey to attend the Colorado Institute of Art, Trevor Wittman attempted to pursue an aspiring boxing career.  But unfortunately he was eventually forced to retire from boxing due to a health concern related to his lungs.

It was at this point that he shifted his focus from his own career to training boxers in the Denver area.  He would eventually found a fight club in Wheatridge Colorado in 1998.

During the initial decade or so of the gym being opened, Trevor Wittman was able to develop many amateur boxing champions and at least 3 world champions.  One of the the biggest prospects who worked with Trevor was 3 time junior middleweight champ Verno Phillips.

With the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts, his fight club expanded their offerings to include other aspects of the mixed martial arts game.  

This led to Trevor expanding the business and establishing the Grudge Training Center which eventually settled in Arvada Colorado, outside of Denver.  Grudge Training Center became an affiliate gym with the powerhouse Jackson-Wink MMA gym in New Mexico.  Trevor Wittman would have a steady stream of UFC and Bellator fighters coming in and out of his gym.

In 2015, Wittman founded ONX Sports, a combat sports training equipment company.  He would close down Grudge Training Center in late 2016 to put more focus on the ONX Sports responsiblities.  He continues to train some of the highest level athletes, like Rose Namajunas, Justin Gaethje and Kamaru Usman on a limited basis. 

Rose Namajunas and Trevor Wittman

Trevor Wittman has been instrumental in the development of Rose Namajunas aka "Thug Rose".  Namajunas has established herself as one of the most talented female fighters with multiple championships to her credit.  She and her husband, former UFC heavyweight Pat Barry credit much of her success to the transition to Colorado to work with Trevor Wittman.

Thug Rose is one of the most talented female fighters ever and the only 2x strawweight champion. She and her then boyfriend, now husband Pat Barry moved from Roufusport to Grudge Training Center to learn under Wittman. 

Justin Gaethje and Trevor Wittman

Trevor Wittman has been working with Justin Gaethje since the very beginning of his career.  Gaethje gives much of the credit for his MMA success in the UFC to Trevor Witman.  Trevor Wittman helped him develop from being an undisciplined brawler in the ring to a much more technical fighter.  Under Trevor's guidance Justin Gaethje has been able to win the interim light heavyweight title defeating the great Tony Ferguson in the process.

Kamaru Usman and Trevor Wittman

One of Trevor Wittman's most recent students is current champion Kamaru Usman who reigns on top of the welterweight division.  Initially, much of Kamaru's success came using his skills as a wrestler.  Focusing on his strengths in wrestling led to Kamaru being criticized by onlookers as a boring fighter.  As history has shown, once the stigma of being a "boring fighter" sticks with an athlete, it can have a detrimental effect on the future of their career within mixed martial arts, as was the case with the great wrestler Ben Askren.

After beginning his training with Wittman, Usman's striking skills have developed exponentially.  He has been able to score stunning knockouts, most recently against Jorge Masvidal.

Although since training with Wittman, Usman has been anything, but boring. In 3 of his 4 title defenses, Usman has delivered stunning knockouts. The last KO coming in a rematch against Jorge Masvidal.

Trevor Wittman's Best Fighter of All Time

Trevor Wittman has worked with a who's who of MMA superstars.  It can be argued that his work with Rose Namajunas has had the biggest impact, as she has established herself as one of the most dominant female mixed martial artists in history.

But the future development of athletes like Justin Gaethje and Kamaru Usman is still unfolding and who can predict what these amazing athletes will accomplish under Trevor Wittman's guidance.

Who Did Trevor Wittman Lose to?

Trevor Wittman's greatest loss can arguably be said to be his forced retirement from boxing due to health concerns.  Though like the true champion he is, he was able to shift his focus away from his own career towards the career of some of the greatest athletes in combat sports like Justin Gaethje, Kamaru Usman, and one of the best female mixed martial artists to ever grace the Octagon, Rose Namajunas.

Trevor Wittman's Record

Trevor Wittman has limited his training schedule to focus only on a very select group of fighters.  Each of these fighters is either in preparation or not far from title contention.

Trevor Wittman Injuries

Trevor Wittman was forced to stop competing as a boxer due to a lung issue.

Is Trevor Wittman Retired?

No, Trevor Wittman continues to train elite level mixed martial artists and run his highly successful ONX Sports company.

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