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Product Spotlight: Bodychess & Impassable Spats



Whether you are a strict no gi stylist or a gi stylist, it is always good to own a good pair of spats. For those that are not familiar with the term, spats are a type of full length tights made specific for grapplers and submission wrestlers. They keep germs off of your legs, whisk the sweat away and keep a good compression on your legs. Spats can be worn under MMA shorts or under your gi pants. And BJJ Fanatics has a couple of great deals on BJJ spats.

The first deal of the day is the two spat pair by Bodychess Fightwear. These are simple in design but not in quality. These spats include one pair of plain blue and one pair of plain black spats. These will hug your legs and give you some needed traction for submissions. The price on these are right too. Most spats cost around $50-$60 a pair, but you can get both of these together for only $39! One hell of a deal. They have sizes from small (120lbs) to 2XL (255lbs).

Click here to check out the two pair spat deal by Bodychess Fightwear.

The next deal is a pair of designer spats by Impassable. As in past product spotlight reviews, Impassable is a fantastic brand. Every product of theirs is of the highest quality and usually has a cool design as well. These are no different. These white and blue, almost tribal designed spats will keep you clean and looking like a pro. A designer pair of spats like these would normally range $60 or higher. But once again, BJJ Fanatics has an awesome deal. These Impassable spats are only $39! For this pair they have sizes that range from small (120lbs) to 2XL (255lbs). Get yours now before they are gone!

Click here to check out these sweet designer spats by Impassable.


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