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The Fundamental Double Leg Takedown For Jiu Jitsu

The Fundamental Double Leg Takedown For Jiu Jitsu


Bernardo Faria’s Double Leg Take Down

If you have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for more than a few months it is likely you have been exposed to the double leg take down. As a grappler, it is important to have a few take downs in your arsenal. It is common for BJJ classes to teach take downs that have been directly incorporated from both Judo and Wrestling. Today we are going to take a look at a take down that comes straight from wrestling: the double leg take down.

There are a few reasons why the double leg take down is so great for BJJ. First of all, if you are a smaller guy you can use speed and agility to shoot in on a bigger guy and take him down. Secondly, the double leg take down puts you in a situational advantage when you reach the ground. By controlling your opponent’s legs you can easily pass into side control and start attacking submissions. Lastly, when you hit the double leg take down it just looks bad ass, and boosts your confidence.

The Double Leg Takedown is one of the most fundamental takedowns you will ever learn in grappling and is one that just works. But there a some many fundamentals concepts when learning the double leg... and Jiu Jitsu in general that most students tend to ignore in favor of the fancy guard and leg locks :)


Watch the video below of 5 time Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria demonstrating the double leg take down and then we will discuss the technique. Check it out!

The double leg is the kind of take down anyone can do. It is not that hard to learn when you break it down into fundamental movements. The take down starts when both opponent’s are facing off, and still looking to establish first connection. Normally both you and your training partner will have the same front leg; in this case it is the right leg. It is very important to have the right distance when shooting for the double leg take down. Bernardo gives us a crucial tip on determining the right distance – you should be at arm’s length from your opponent. If you are in too close you will not have enough space to shoot (you need momentum in order for this take down to work), and if you are too far away you will not be able to grab your training partner and he will just stuff you.

To shoot for the double leg, you want to step forward with your front leg and drive into your training partner. You should be looking to grab him behind the back of his knees on both legs. Notice that when Bernardo Faria shoots he changes his level, his head at the waist of his opponent. Faria’s front leg ends up in between his training partner’s legs. Once he drives in he pulls his opponent forward, and he goes flying. What is great about this is that when done correctly you end up standing and retaining control over your opponent’s legs, making it easy to pass. Keep in mind that when you shoot you should have good posture. You do not want your back to be bent, looking down at the mats. You want a straight back with your head up. A good tip is to look towards the ceiling to help keep your head up and back straight.

The double leg take down is a must have in any well rounded BJJ game. It can be very hard to counter. A very experienced grappler will see it coming and know how to sprawl, keeping their legs out of distance. But if you do not stall and shoot as soon as you see an opportunity you can catch anyone by surprise. Once you have contact with their legs and drive them, they are guaranteed to be headed to the ground where they now have to establish guard and fight at a disadvantage from their back.

Learn The Fundamentals & Concepts That Have Allowed Bernardo Faria To Become One Of The Greatest Champions Ever To Step On A Mat – While Having Less Athletic Ability Than Almost Any Elite Competitor He Faced

Bernardo Has Become World Renown For Teaching Older Guys Because His Moves Require Almost Zero Strength, Speed or Flexibility... How?




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