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Fabiano Scherner

Fabiano Scherner is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Murilo Bustamante and Luis Roberto Duarte. Fabiano’s nickname is “Pega Leve” which means “take it easy” or “going easy” in Brazilian Portuguese. Fabiana earned this nick name in 2001 when he started training at the Brazilian Top Team Academy. The joke was that Fabio was known amongst his peers to roll hard, and any time someone would ask the instructor for a light roll, the instructor would say “You want to go easy? Go with Fabiano” Fabiano has won many important titles in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu senior and master divisions including the No Gi World Championship, as well as the Brazilian and American Nationals. Fabiano also spent some time fighting in mixed martial arts (MMA). He competed in Cage Rage, IFC, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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 Mastering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu After 40: Top Game By Fabiano Scherner


  • World No Gi Champion (2012 weight & absolute senior 1, 2011 absolute master)
  • International Masters and Seniors Champion (2013 masters)
  • Pan American Champion (2012 senior 1)
  • Brazilian National Champion (2001 absolute purple)
  • American National Champion (2011 adult)
  • American National No Gi Champion (2011 adult)
  • World No Gi Championship 2nd Place (2011 master, 2013 adult)
  • Pan American Championship 3rd Place (2012 absolute senior 1)
  • ISKA MMA Americas Heavyweight Championship (One time)
  • Submission Underground 7 Winner

Fabiano Scherner Biography

Fabiano Scherner was born in Tres Passos on the 30th of June in 1972. Scherner would begin to train martial arts, initially starting in tae kwon do when he was only 19 years old. This gave Scherner the desire to eventually compete in Mixed Martial Arts. This would eventually take him to the door step of Ataque Duplo, a very well known jiu jitsu academy in Florianopolis. Scherner was age 26 at the time. Although his intention was to specifically train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1999 in Brazil with the Carlson Gracie student Murilo Rupp, he discovered just how much he loved to compete in grappling and decided to focus on this instead of MMA. It would only take 11 months of training for Fabiano Scherner to earn his blue belt from Murilo Rupp, and then only one more year to earn his purple belt. While training with Murilo Rupp, Fabiano was introduced to three influential people in his career, Mario Sperry, Mulio Bustamante, and Luis Roberto “Bebeo” Duarte. Luis Duarte was one of the founding members of the Brazilian Top Team (BTT) academy. He invited Scherner to train with BTT.

While training with Brazilian Top Team, one of the most elite academies in the world at the time, Fabino Scherner was awaded his black belt in December, 2002. His journey to black belt would only end up taking him a total of 3 years and 9 months. Shortly following this, Ricardo Liborio invited Scherner to start training MMA and offered him a job teaching BJJ in Olympia, Washington. It was here that Fabiano would start his MMA career while training with fellow heavy weight Jeff Monson, eventually going on to compete in important promotions such as the UFC, Hook’n Shoot, Cage Rage, Meca, and many others.

Scherner made his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship against Brandon Vera, losing in the second round by technical knock out. Scherner would then fight Gabriael Gonzaga for his second fight. He would lose again by technical knock out in the second round. Following this loss, Scherner was released from the UFC.

Once released from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Scherner fought at Cage Rage 17 – Ultimate Challenge against Gilbert Yvel. Scherner would lose this fight by technical knock out (TKO) due to punches in the first round. Scherner then fought in three other organizations in Brazil Before fighting in the IFL. Scherner would take 2 wins and 1 no contest from the IFL. In 2008 Scherner fought Roy Nelson for the IFL Heavy Weight Championship at IFL – Las Vegas. Scherner would again lose by TKO (punches) in the first round.

After a four month hiatus, Scherner returned to action with a match against Mychal Clark, who ended up submitting Scherner with punches from the mount position. Scherner then fought Tracy Willis, and was knocked down by an overhand right early in the second round. Referee Josh Rosenthal stopped the fight when Willis followed up with hammer fists that opened a cut on Scherner’s forehead. Scherner would then fight Nick Braker on June 6, 2009 at Carnage at the Creek 6. Fabiano would win by a rear naked choke submission at 3:08 in the first round. Scherner then lost his next fight against heavy weight prospect Mike Hayes by knock out in round 2.

At Galaxy MMA 1 – Worlds Collide, Fabiano Scherner fought Scott Junk. During the fight, Fabiano landed an unintentional low blow on Junk. This caused Junk to drop to his knees and lay on the cage floor for several minutes before informed the ring side doctor he could no longer continue. The fight was ruled a no contest in the first round at only 27 seconds.

On January 20, 2012, Scherner entered WCFC: Last Man Standing 2, a 16 fighter, last man standing style MMA tournament. Scherner won his first fight but then lost to the competitor who would go on to win the entire tournament, Tyler East, in the final and main event.

At Sport Fight 31 during the month of August in 2012, Scherner faced Anthony “Freight Train” Hamilton. Scherner connected with his right hand, dropping Hamilton to the canvas. Scherner continued to throw strikes which forced Hamilton to give up his neck. Scherner was able to use his grappling skills to finish him with an arm triangle choke. This was Hamilton’s only defeat by submission. On September 17, 2012, less than 2 months later, Scherner faced against the much younger Vitaly Minakov, losing via TKO (punches) late in the first round of the main event.

2013 World No-Gi: Rafael Lovato Jr vs. Fabiano Scherner

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