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What Is Wrong With Your Hip Escape?

What Is Wrong With Your Hip Escape?


Do you remember learning how to hip escape for the first time?  Of course, you do.

You likely remember drilling hip escapes hundreds, if not thousands of times, and even to this day, provided you didn’t quit when you got your blue belt, you are likely (and hopefully) still training the hip escape.  Chances are, you have had experiences with the hip escape that were both successful, and unsuccessful. The reality here is that you are likely just missing a detail or two. Often times we get caught up in drilling for quantity or speed and in doing this, especially in the beginning, we sacrifice technique which comes back to bite us later on when we are in a match with a skilled opponent and our hip escape game isn’t fully developed properly.  

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If we take a look at “The biggest mistake in the hip escape” – by Bernardo Faria we find that in his opinion, the issue he sees the most with hip escapes is people pushing off of the wrong foot.  For example, based on what he sees most people get started right by posting one leg, but the problem lies when they bring the second leg back to meet the first and rather than push off of the planted foot they opt to push off of the leg that is not posted and has the knee flared out.  This is not a strong hip escape. If you watch Bernardo in this video, he shows that when he practices his hip escapes, they are strong.  

Do your hip escapes look like that when you drill them up and down the mat?  If not, guess what, they wont look like that in competition either, and if they don’t look like that, they won’t work correctly.  We must train the way we want to perform. If you train a lazy hip escape, you will have a lazy hip escape when it really counts. I mean really watch the way that Bernardo plants his foot and shoots his hips all the way back to his shoulder line.  John Danaher talks about this in a few of his video instructionals as well. There clearly is an importance to ensuring the hip escape is being done properly.  

If you are not 100 percent sure your body movements are what they should be, it may be worthwhile for you to check out some of the solo and partner grappling drills for rapid body movement – by Tom DeBlass.   Additionally, once you get your movement right, why not check out 50 shades of arm bars by Renato Canuto.  Renato is an IBJJF and Kasai World Champion that will help you learn ways to find arm bars you never knew were there.  He lets us in on the secrets, tips and tricks that led him along his journey to becoming an elite athlete hunting arm locks everywhere he is.  This video instructional is certain to give you a new perspective on the arm bar in Jiu Jitsu and how to incorporate it into every position of your game. 

You will see that when Canuto has the higher guard position it squeezes his opponent’s arms together and locks them into a straight position. When you have both shoulders trapped you can go far the arm bar. Use your hips to shoot upwards and finish the arm bar. Pay attention to just how much Renato uses his hips in this technique. That is a very important detail.

Hopefully you find this technique useful. Canuto has a lot of technical knowledge when it comes to high level jiu jitsu. You can find this technique and many more on his instructional series "50 Shades Of Arm Bar" available right here on!

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