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Sit Up Guard To Single Leg Takedown

Sit Up Guard To Single Leg Takedown


When it comes to shooting takedowns, it seems there is no middle ground, we either do them, or we don’t. 

I don’t see many people at the academy that sometimes shoot takedowns. The ones that I see that are shooting takedowns seem to always be practicing them and incorporating shots into their warm up.  Having a solid shot game is extremely important.

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We must have the ability to take the opponent down so that we can get to work doing what we do best, regardless of if it’s self defense or competition.  In the case of competition, the 2 points awarded for the takedown may be the only points scored in the entire match, let’s do what we can to make sure you are the one scoring those points rather than being the one getting taken down and having to get to work from a bad spot.

Let’s check out BJJ Fanatics Technique Breakdown: How to sit up from guard to a single leg takedown.

Sitting up from guard and catching a single leg doesn’t have to be difficult, like anything, the more you know about it, and the more you train it, the better you will get at it and the easier it will be.  Starting from a seated position with the opponent standing in front of you the first step is get a 4 fingers in grip on the opponent’s left sleeve with your right hand, and kick away the opponent’s left leg using your right leg to push near their knee.  While doing this the opposite foot and arm should both be hooked around the opponent’s opposite leg. 

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From here it is as simple as switching your right leg that was used to push the opponent away to being behind you so you are now seated in an S mount position.  At this point you can simply start to stand keeping the opponent’s right leg locked to your body with your left arm that should still be hooked near the knee. 

At this point you are now standing and in what should be a position that is similar to what you would have if you had shot a single leg.  You can now work whichever finish you prefer to use when you have a single leg. Don’t leave your takedown game to chance, pick up “Scientific Shots” – by Ed Ruth for some of the sneakiest setups and most effective leg finishes you have ever seen.  This 3 time NCAA Champion can show you the way to professional grade takedowns that have worked at the highest levels of wrestling.  


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