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The Arm Snatch Roll With Travis Stevens

The Arm Snatch Roll With Travis Stevens


What is your go to safe position?  For me I find I go to turtle a lot when I feel like I need to get away. 

I will typically go to turtle and then sit back to guard or half guard or whatever I can but that always seems to be my go to.   Maybe for you it’s something different. Regardless of what our safe position is, we obviously know there are attack options from there that we need to be aware of and thinking about.

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Travis Stevens shows an arm snatch roll with leg turtle attack that is sure to be a threat to anyone like me who tends to go to turtle more than they should. Let’s take a look at the break down so we can understand how it works not only to use in live training but to defend against when necessary. 

Starting out with the opponent in a standard turtle position on their knees and elbows Travis is on the opponent’s right side with his left arm blocking the opponent’s left hip and his right arm on the left side of the opponent’s head.  From here Travis brings his right shin to the right side of the opponent’s face and pushes the opponent’s head away until his right foot is past the opponent’s right hand, or until the opponent wraps their arm around his leg. 

Travis now kicks his right leg back taking the opponent’s right arm with him allowing him to drop the opponent’s hand on the other side of his left leg.  Tavis immediately hooks the opponent’s hand in this position so the opponent can not escape. 

Once in this position Travis is using his right arm to get a grip on the opponent’s Gi just above their right elbow and using this grip keep their arm pinned behind his left leg.  He is also using his left arm to reach under the opponent’s shoulder, from the top, and looks to get a grip on the Gi behind the opponent’s right knee. At this point, Travis can now roll forward taking the opponent with him.  As soon as the roll has stopped Travis looks to change his original grip behind the knee to the front of the knee momentarily while he also cups the back of the opponent’s knee with his right hand. Once he gets the grip he wants on the opponent’s knee with hit right arm he then uses his left arm to reverse hook the opponent’s head. 

To finish the submission Travis is using his right leg to base out and use to shrimp out away from the opponent while maintaining control of the arm.  At this point Travis simply crosses his feet and extends to break the grip his opponent has on their belt as a defense. From here to finish he simply brings his leg close to the opponent’s side and pushes his hips in for the finish. 

As Travis notes in the video clip, even if you do not get the submission, you’re are still ending in a top position to get to work from. 

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