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Framing With Alec Baulding

Framing With Alec Baulding


There are so many things in Jiu Jitsu that fall into what I would consider to be a fundamental part of Jiu Jitsu.  .

At the most basic level I would consider learning how to frame properly one of the first steps to learn in any new technique. 

Framing is one of the most fundamental things we need to do in Jiu Jitsu, without proper framing knowledge, your Jiu Jitsu game can not ever evolve to a high level.  Done properly framing can prevent an opponent from improving their position on you and making life rather miserable. Done incorrectly, framing can lead to giving up various arm locks that your opponent can take with ease if they’d like.  

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Let’s take a look at some “Jiu Jitsu Basics – Framing by Alec Baulding”

Alec starts from the knee slice pass where he is on top and has almost passed the guard.  His opponent still has his second foot trapped. From this position Alec talks about the need to always frame on both shoulders.  As demonstrated in this video clip, if you are only framing on one shoulder the opponent can easily remove the frame by simply turning towards, or away from the frame causing it to slip off.  

If the opponent frames on the same side, you are passing to you simply turn into the frame negating any functionality it may have had.  Conversely if the opponent is framing on the opposite side, once again we simply turn into the frame and eliminate its ability to be impactful.  The solution here, as noted earlier is to frame with both hands on both or the opponent’s shoulders.  

Pushing on both shoulders provides the best possible frame because the opponent can not turn into the frame and negate it’s effectiveness.  Having both shoulders framed allows us to lasso in our outside leg and start to work a lasso guard, or use this to create space and start to replace the guard. 

Having a good guard in Jiu Jitsu is great, being able to keep the guard and prevent your opponent from passing is even better.  If you are looking for precise detail on how to retain your guard against any size opponent, especially bigger opponents then Alec Baulding’s video instructional titled “Keeping the Guard” is for you.  Alec is an up and coming savage 2018 ADCC East Coast Trials Champion that is ready to teach you how to maintain your guard, regardless of what guard you play.  Pick up this video instructional today and start frustrating your training partners at your academy and dominating your opponent’s in competition. 

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