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Pass The Spider Lasso With Lucas Lepri

Pass The Spider Lasso With Lucas Lepri



If you have ever been stuck in the Spider Lasso position, you know that it can be quite difficult to deal with. Getting stuck in Spider Lasso can feel like being stuck in the middle of a minefield. A simple misstep can lead us to falling into a trap. The versatility of the position on top of it’s controlling mechanics can make the Spider Lasso position a NIGHTMARE! Fear not, one of the most ferocious guard passers of all-time, Lucas Lepri has us covered with his Spider Lasso Step Back Pass!

Lucas’s partner has shut-down all of the usual options when dealing with a lasso entanglement. He cannot simply circle his hand to the outside of the leg, nor can he find a way to step on his biceps to break the grip. These are two common options that are usually best done as soon as the position starts to get engaged. Here we are assuming we are sunk deep into that trap infested Spider Lasso. 

As you can tell Lucas has a SCIENTIFIC approach to teaching, and can totally change how you pass the guard! Click Learn More!!


Lepri is known for his incredible balance, but demonstrates by having a good base you too may be able to thwart the sweep attempts from the bottom. From this strong base, Lepri starts to insert his knee through the middle of his partner’s guard onto their chest. You can see from the video that even though he is just demonstrating a technique that this can be immensely uncomfortable for your training partner so try to be considerate! 

As the knee is inserted Lepri finds a grip with his Lassoed hand on his inserted knee. This allows Lucas to step his foot back to the mat and begin to unlock the Lasso! By using his knee he is able to maintain a heavy base while simultaneously circling his hand outside of the lasso to his partner’s thigh. Having the hand on the outside like this can either break their grip or render it much less useful. 

Next up is the Step Back portions of the pass. To address the spider portion of this position Lucas starts to get a pant grip on his partner’s shin. This grip is how we generate the drag we need to clear the leg from our bicep, as well as our hips. With both hands in place Lucas starts to utilize some fancy footwork here to tilt his partner’s hips so that the drag can happen with grace.  While practicing this technique if you feel like you cannot reliably clear the legs there is a good chance that you are not getting your partner onto their hips enough. 

After clearing the legs, Lucas makes special note of NOT dropping to your shoulder due to the partner’s sleeve grip. This shoulder drop is used in a lot of guard passes, but is ill advised in this situation due to the sleeve grip our partner has. This could create a scramble back to the guard, or even a sweep. Instead Lepri continues to get Scientific with it and plants his knee in between his partners arm and hip. To break the grip his uses a strong pulling motion and immediately circles the head of his partner. Imagine starting a lawn mower, or chainsaw that motion is how to correctly break the grip from your sleeve. Dealing with Spider Lasso can be quite a process, as you can see! Thankfully we have folks out there in the Jiu-Jitsu community like Lucas Lepri. 

Lucas shows that with a strong base and a scientific approach even the most trap filled, tricky guards can be defeated. The Science of Guard Passing By Lucas Lepri gives you the tactics required to get around today’s TOUGHEST guards. Put a stop to getting swept and submitted while on top!



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