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Scientific Shots by Ed Ruth


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Ed Ruth

Professional Fighter

Simple Takedowns That Work At Any Level. 3x National Champ Ed Ruth From Penn State Shows You His Unstoppable Takedown System

  • 3-time NCAA Champion Ed Ruth was a point scoring machine in college, and now you can learn the takedowns that helped make him great
  • These are the shots that worked in the NCAA finals, and they can work for anyone
  • Learn some of the sneakiest setups and most effective finishes to your best leg attacks
  • Now you and your athletes of any age can learn the hidden details to winning the takedown battle every time

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - :15
Post to collar tie :15 - 2:13
Post to collar tie part 2 2:13 - 3:52
Rollout to Ankle Pick 3:52 - 5:43
Rollout to Ankle Pick variations and foot sweep 5:43 - 8:27
Misdirection doubles 8:27 - 11:27
Rollback Counter and Hip sit to Butt Drag 11:27 - 15:29
Near side cradle from standing to Badger Trap 15:29 - 19:03
Counter near side cradle 19:03 - 22:48
Throw bys and arm drags 22:48 - 26:10
Double Finish 26:10 - 28:58

Volume 2

Reverse Neck Pinch 0 - 2:22
Arm drag to single leg shot 2:22 - 5:33
Trip Variations 5:33 - 8:34
Outside shot to Single 8:34 - 11:41
High Crotch Series 11:41 - 16:12
Shot Finish 16:12 - 19:41
Catching hands to ankle pick 19:41 - 23:24
Clearing the Collar 23:24 - 26:05

Simple Takedowns That Work At Any Level

3x National Champ Ed Ruth From Penn State Shows You His Unstoppable Takedown System

Shoot and score the right way using slick set ups and effective finishes with 3-time NCAA Champion Ed Ruth! The Penn State legend is one of the best college wrestlers ever and he was dominant in his four years from his feet, chaining together combos and taking down everyone he ever faced. Now, you can learn the science behind Ed’s success as he teaches you the techniques that he has honed. Get Ed Ruth’s 4-volume set “Scientific Shots: Using Precision To Set Up & Finish Single & Double Leg Takedowns” now and learn to be precise!

Learn The Misdirection Double Leg Ed Was Hitting In NCAA's

During Ed’s career in Happy Valley, and even now as a Bellator MMA prospect, he never got to the legs without a plan. Every takedown needs to be set up the right way and everything needs to be finished the right way. Across these 4-volumes, Ed teaches the actions and reactions that make for the easiest shots and the finishes that cut through any scramble. Learn how to move through every part of the takedown on your way to scoring from the feet consistently, and become a hammer from neutral.












Don’t struggle from your feet again! With offense and counters, you can add dozens of attacks to your arsenal right now with the help of a 4-time All American & 4-time Big Ten champion! Ed tested these takedowns against the best of the best, even representing the USA during the World Championships and World Cup! All of the moves that worked for him at the highest levels are explained here, in step-by-step instructions that anyone from a first year JV wrestler to a champion looking to expand his game can benefit from.

See How To Finish Shots Every Single Time

Learn the signature ankle pick series that Ed perfected in his time in Happy Valley, including the hidden setup that his opposition never scouted and worked like a trick. From there, Ed keeps building out based on reactions and reversals, adding in drags, cradles, and trips that you will need to stay one step ahead of the opposition. With Ed’s expertise and coaching, you can be scoring takedowns in numbers you never expected thanks to technique and knowledge.

So What’s On This Series

    • Ed scored like a machine with his ankle pick, a Nittany Lion specialty with his own flair. See the rollout he uses to set up ankle picks and foot sweeps in combination, a series he used as his go-to through 4 years in the NCAA. Ed’s other calling card was his super effective cradle, and you can learn the feet to back techniques that can put up points and pins for you next season. Add in a front headlock neck pinch that is as sneaky as it is effective (in folkstyle AND freestyle), and you have a huge number of moves to choose from.

Keep Your Legs Safe With This Innovative Nerve Hold

  • Ed’s teaching continues with some of his favorite takedowns and combos, including the arm drags that he used to huge effect, and the best ways to set them up and use them for singles and double. Expand more with Ed’s high crotch series, including some unique adjustments that leave you in scramble-proof position, and you will really be leveled up as a takedown artist.

So What Exactly Is On This Series?

Part 1:


Post to collar tie

Post to collar tie part 2

Rollout to Ankle Pick

Rollout to Ankle Pick variations and foot sweep

Misdirection doubles

Rollback Counter and Hip sit to Butt Drag

Near side cradle from standing to Badger Trap

Counter near side cradle

Throw bys and arm drags

Double Finish

Part 2:

Reverse Neck Pinch

Arm drag to single leg shot

Trip Variations

Outside shot to Single

High Crotch Series

Shot Finish

Catching hands to ankle pick

Clearing the Collar

So What Does It All Cost? 

Well that depends, what is it worth to learn world class wrestling and be able to implement it on anyone?   These techniques work at the highest levels. 

We could have easily charged you $77 for this type of experience, instead, cut that price by more than 50%.

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