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Enter the Funhouse With the Carni Sweep

Enter the Funhouse With the Carni Sweep


Innovative Sweep With an Eddie Bravo Black Belt!

Yes, the Carni sweep. You’ve got to love the unique terms that 10th Planet JJ uses to name its techniques. They have their own system of bizarre headings that somehow describe their techniques perfectly. When it comes to the video you’re about to watch, you may be more familiar with the term omoplata set up position, unless you’re an avid 10th Planet practitioner. Brandon McCaghren gives us an inside look at the carni sweep in this video. This is a brutal one, check it out.

There definitely needs to be some emphasis placed on your partners safety here, as this is one of the more brutal attacks to the shoulder to produce a reversal I’ve ever seen. Let’s take a look at how McChaghren is using the attack to force the sweep.

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McCaghren places huge importance on the position of his leg and the pressure its lending to the situation. The knee must project down with plenty of force, to cause our partner to posture for fear of being swept and ending up on the bottom. With some slight movement of his hips McCaghren scoots under his partner. He then uses his right butterfly hook to elevate his partner and force the reversal in the opposite direction.

This is really slick, but it will require you to place a tremendous amount of pressure on your opponent to sell it. Be sure to drill this technique mindfully to keep your training partners safe.

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