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Best Podcasts For BJJ Practitioners

Best Podcasts For BJJ Practitioners


Knowledge Is Power, and this stuff is free!

Podcasts are great. When we are doing menial tasks (or have a desk job) they can be a great way to uptake knowledge and be entertained. These are are few great ones to follow. Most are centered around jiu-jitsu, but also include great episodes on life, nutrition, MMA, and other subject material that appeals to a jiu-jitsu audience.

The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)

If you are not listening to Joe Rogan, you should be. While Joe has quite a bit of jiu-jitsu content, his show extends way beyond that. He has whole shows dedicated to MMA, Nutrition, Psychology, and Science. In addition to this, he has comedians, musicians, movie stars, and really anyone that has something interesting to talk about. Joe Rogan is straightforward, and it not afraid to call people out on things that are incorrect. Give his show a shot. They are all free to watch on YouTube! Also, Joe is a BJJ Black Belt under Eddie Bravo in California.

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Jocko Podcast (Jocko Willink)

Well, if you need a guy to kick you in the butt, and give you motivation to get off the couch, this is the guy. A former US Navy Seal, who fought in the most intense parts of the War in Iraq, Jocko will give it to you straight. He believes in discipline, and achieving your own person freedom from self-discipline. His podcasts consist of his experiences, interviews and insight into a tough mind. He will give you motivation, and the will to kick life in the face. Again, his podcasts are free on his website. Jocko is also a BJJ Black Belt under Dean Lister in San Diego, California.

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The Grappling Central Podcast (Ryan Ford)

Ryan Ford and GC are all things BJJ. He has great interviews, with athletes and figure head in the BJJ world alike. His show is easy listening, and has great content. If you are looking for a podcast that is just strict BJJ, then this is the one for you. Give his podcast a shot also. All his content is available, for free, on his website. Ryan Ford is a BJJ Purple Belt under Paul Creighton in Atlanta, Georgia.

So, check these out! All of these are filled with great information, and are very entertaining. They will easily pass time if needed, but also teach you something!

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