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5 Arm Drag Options with Eli Knight

5 Arm Drag Options with Eli Knight


The arm drag is a common technique found in most martial arts in some form or another, it is a bread and butter move for fighting and grappling because it allows us to create an angle where can then land strikes or attack a takedown!

The first thing Eli shows is a drill to learn the arm drag. In the drill your partner touches your shoulder, you arm drag them, then they touch your other shoulder with their other hand. This allows you to build sensitivity and learn the technique by getting a lot of reps.

The first technique off the arm drag Eli shows is a takedown using one arm around the neck and the other to the small of the back to break posture. From here Eli secures a rear naked choked with a palm to palm Gable grip. If he needs to take them down, he shows that you can kick the back of their leg to drop them.

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Second, using his arm drag Eli steps in between his partners feet, lowers his level and goes for a double leg, chopping out his opponents base leg with his hand while driving him over with his head.

Third, from his arm drag he enters straight into a 2-on-1 Russian Tie position. From his 2-on-1 he does big inside reap to the near leg.

Fourth, If the reap does not work because they slide their leg back, he enters into an ankle pick by letting go of the wrist and plucking the ankle. Notice, his leg that did the reap steps back in, behind the ankle he is going to pick.

Fifth, Eli does what he calls a ‘Seated Drag’ to get his single leg. He arm drags, getting his opponents shoulder over his knee and kicks through the middle to his hip and wraps the single leg, using his own leg wrapped around his partners ankle to help lift.

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So whether you are training for self defense or sport, make the arm drag apart of your skillset because it is available from so many positions and offers many takedown options!

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