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Sambo Takedown with Vlad Koulikov

Sambo Takedown with Vlad Koulikov


Get the edge with the lateral revolution!

The addition of takedowns to your BJJ training can be one of the most beneficial things you can incorporate.  For the most part, unless your opponents have a wrestling, judo, or perhaps sambo background, chances are they train takedowns much less than they do other positions.  Having the advantage at the start of the match with a few good takedowns can mean the difference between winning or losing your matches.

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Vlad Koulikov is well versed in many grappling styles, from wrestling, sambo and jiu jitsu among others.  In this short video he demonstrates a "Lateral Revolution" sambo takedown technique and a few different entry scenarios for you to practice setting up the move.

Check out the video below and add some sambo to your BJJ game and get the edge over your opponents! 

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There are a few things to pay attention to with this technique.  Though he shows a variety of entries and use of grips, the foundation of the position is a T position or perpendicular position next to the opponent.  From there Vlad secures a strong grip at the crotch as opposed to the knee level which makes for an easier lift of the opponent.

One of the best pieces of this demonstration is the way that Vlad swings the opponent's legs away from his body in order to prevent the guard pull by the opponent.  Once the legs are thrown away, the body rotates into the throw taking them to the ground.  This sets up a nice position to secure knee on the belly, side control, or even mount and could put you far ahead of your opponent from the outset of the match, thus making victory that much closer.

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