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Hybrid Takedown with Vlad Koulikov

Hybrid Takedown with Vlad Koulikov


Having a good takedown game can mean the difference between a win and a loss in a jiu jitsu tournament.  Takedowns are commonly one of the most under-trained aspects of grappling across the board for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost is the safety of the students.  The key to training takedowns safely is to have proper guidance and the correct equipment to make the takedown practice less likely to cause wear and tear on the students and their bodies.

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Grappling expert Vlad Koulikov who has a background in wrestling, Sambo and jiu jitsu to name just a few, has a great hybrid takedown technique that he's recently shared with BJJ Fanatics as part of his Sambo for BJJ series.  Check out the technique below and see if you can add it to your arsenal.  

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This video is chock full of great details above and beyond the throw.  The explanation of naming conventions is extremely interesting, particularly Vlad's use of 'unilateral' gripping as a naming convention instead of cross gripping.  The use of naming conventions can go a long way in helping understanding and impact the ability of the martial artist to implement a particular technique.  This is seen a lot in the systems of John Danaher for instance.

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