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Attacks from Every Direction With John Danaher

Attacks from Every Direction With John Danaher

BJJ Fanatics has just released the latest installment of the John Danaher Enter the System series available in both online and DVD formats.  Following up on the game-changing Leg Locks and Back Attacks segments, this new series focuses on the front head lock submission game of the Danaher Death Squad.  This focus can be most famously seen in the ADCC finals last year when Gordon Ryan secured a mounted guillotine victory over the incredibly tough opponent Keenan Cornelius.

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Just as the previous installments have shown, there are no stones left unturned in Danaher's approach.  With each series being broken into 8 chunks each totaling nearly 10 hours for each system, you better have your notebook ready to get everything you can.  And plan to watch and rewatch to get all of the benefit from the series.  Unlike a seminar which gives you only one shot to retain the info, with these versions, you have the luxury of reviewing as necessary.

Check out this brief excerpt below focused on the Hand Block Go Behind from John Danaher.  As he states in the video, we must be multifaceted with our attacks and not simply always attack from one direction, i.e. directly in front of our opponent.  

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There are a number of key points that are absolutely crucial for this transition from in front of the opponent to the rear where the back attack can happen.  First is the establishing of solid control from the onset, using a three points of control mentality and positioning.  Once the transition is set to be made, the opponent's tricep is controlled using a V grip with his hand.  

Driving the weight into the opponent's shoulder and back, Danaher will exchange that V grip with the placement of his entire near-side arm in the armpit of the opponent.  The second hand will then be placed along the spine of the opponent and hanging down over the buttocks.  It is crucial, according to Danaher, to not wrap around the opponent's waist too early.  This puts our arm in position to be trapped and potentially rolled into a pin.

By maintain good control on the hips and not getting caught into a roll, Danaher is able to take choppy steps to get into good position at the rear of the opponent.  It is here that he can take the back position with a seat belt grip and entry and begin utilizing the Back Attack system as we now know it.

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