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QUINTET - The New, Fast Rising Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Format

QUINTET - The New, Fast Rising Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Format


Team Approach Looks to Change BJJ Competition

Professional jiu-jitsu has seen an uptick in popularity and availability in the recent years. The introduction of the Eddie Bravo Invitational in 2014 has lead to a lot spinoff types of tournaments, from Kasai, Sapateiro, and ACBJJ. Not to mention a ton of local tournaments that take place with, or based on, the modified EBI rule set.

Now, gaining popularity, is the new team format called QUINTET, which is centered around a team dynamic, rather than the advancement of an individual.

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Invented and produced the jiu-jitsu and MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba, QUINTET is a team based tournament. Each team starts with 5 grapplers, and the tournament commences. If you win, you stay on the mat, and you face the next opponent on the opposing team. If you draw, both grapplers are eliminated. This continues until the last grappler on either team is defeated.

Time limits are 8 minutes (unless there is a weight disparity of greater than 20kg (44.1lbs), where the time limit is reduced to 4 minutes). The rule set is pretty similar to what is seen in your local advanced tournaments, but there are no heel hooks allowed, and slamming is OK, as long as it is not on the head. Other unique rules included allow limited time in the closed guard. Also, total team weight must be under 430 kg (938 lbs).

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This new format is very innovative, and interesting. With the team dynamic, different strategies and. It can be done like a relay, figuring out who and where to place your anchor? Exploiting mismatches in size and style during the 5 grappling matches. A lot can come into play to gain an edge over the other team, more than just one grapplers personal abilities. How would your jiu-jitsu play into this team dynamic? What strength could you off to a team? What innovative strategies would you employ?


Check out the video below, and be sure to catch QUINTET3 On October 5th!  With legendary competitors and the up and coming rockstars like Nicky Ryan and Gordon Ryan now on the card, this is going to prove to be an amazing show!


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