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Take a Trip to the Butcher Shop with Neil Melanson

Take a Trip to the Butcher Shop with Neil Melanson


MMA and grappling coach Neil Melanson is well known for his unique blend of catch wrestling technique along with jiu jitsu and other styles of grappling.  These combinations typically show themselves in unorthodox, but brutal positions and submissions that will have your opponents and training partners tapping more often.

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Check out the Butcher Shop Choke that Melanson shares with his uke Scotty Karate.

 This choke is set up from a top side cradle position where Neil will have an arm wrapped around the head of his opponent and the other arm lacing through the legs.  He will utilize a strong S grip to prevent the opponent from peeling his fingers and breaking the grip.

Once he's established the strong control using the cradle, he will briefly straighten his arms creating enough space to bring his leg up.  He will take the knee and point it into the side of the neck.  Once the knee is in position he will tighten the cradle and secure the submission.

Brutal, effective, and simple.  Neil Melanson's style emphasizes the effective over the fancy.  The brutal over the finessed.

Neil Melanson's latest release from BJJ Fanatics is the Filthy Kimura series.  You have no idea what your kimura game is missing until you check out this series.  You can get it here at BJJ Fanatics!







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