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Integrating BJJ Into Your Life

Integrating BJJ Into Your Life


Time investment training BJJ Can Be Well Worth It

Most people, when they start jiu-jitsu, they do not really know what is going to happen with it down the road. You go and try and intro class, see if you like it, and probably head home to think on it for a while. But, you eventually come back, and your journey begins. But, you have a very busy life. Maybe you have a full time job, and a wife. Maybe you have a few kids, or a sick family member. How can we allow this new activity into our lives, without potentially losing sight something else?

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Integrating jiu-jitsu into you life is essential for your progress, your longevity, and a positive outlook on the process. Allow the things that you have experienced in your life reflect in your life, reflect in your jiu-jitsu. Perseverance and struggle, merriment and joy, good times and bad. Life can be tough, but it, by default, teaches us a lot. We make it through, and we learn along the way.


Then, the experiences that you gain from jiu-jitsu will begin to integrate themselves with you life experiences. Humility, frustration, friendship, and the overcoming of challenges.  It will all intertwine, and all of it will make you a better person, on and off the mats. It is a strange, and intriguing thing we experience as we train more, and begin to see as time goes by. Can you relate? Jiu-jitsu is just like life. It is tough and hard sometimes, but we make it through, and learn along the way.

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Let these thoughts and feelings mix in your mind as your day passes, both on and off the mat. It will make you think, and somethings that were painstaking before, become a little easier. And, things that we did not see as joyous, become a little more fun. This integration is a back and forth love, that will perpetually feed itself, and allow you to grow as a human, and as a jiu-jitsu practitioner.

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