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Tyron Woodley Receives Black Belt inside the Cage at UFC 228

Tyron Woodley Receives Black Belt inside the Cage at UFC 228


Woodly Retains Welterweight Strap and Earns Black Belt

Receiving a black belt in BJJ is by no means a small accomplishment for anyone. IT takes years of dedication, and commitment to be awarded the high honor of the Faixa Preta. But receiving inside the octagon after winning via submission, and defending your title for the 4th time, that’s pretty special.

On Saturday night in a welterweight match up at UFC 228, Tyron Woodley defended his title, submitting Darren Till with a beautiful D’arce choke in the second round of the bout. It’s interesting to note here that this was Woodley’s first submission victory in the UFC. While still in the cage Tyron was awarded his BJJ black belt from his coach, Din Thomas, who later stated that had complete confidence Woodley would finish his opponent using jiu-jitsu.

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Woodley later stated, ‘I was going to win anyway, this was a surprise”, referring to the black belt promotion.

And a surprise it was. The look on Woodley’s face after being awarded his new rank is priceless. It resonates with BJJ players all over the world because we understand the deep meaning of receiving the black belt, and we can t help but smile and feel a sense of connection to the moment. We’re proud to see another dedicated student of the gentle art reach a great milestone on his BJJ voyage. Congratulations on the amazing win Tyron, and a big congratulations on receiving your black belt

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