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Official BJJ Fanatics No-Gi Grappling Rankings

Official BJJ Fanatics No-Gi Grappling Rankings

Please enjoy the most current edition of the BJJ Fanatics No-Gi Grappling Rankings. Based on results and performance, these are the current top ten in all 5 major male no-gi weight classes, as we see them. Rankings were weighted based on tournament placement, head to head results, level of dominance, recency, and strength of schedule. Only no-gi results were considered.
  1. Augusto Mendes, Soul Fighters
  2. Kennedy Maciel, Alliance
  3. Nicky Ryan, Renzo Gracie Academy
  4. Tye Ruotolo, Atos
  5. Paulo Miyao, Cicero Costha
  6. Matheus Gabriel, Checkmat
  7. Geo Martinez, 10th Planet
  8. Alex Sodre, Nova Uniao
  9. Samir Chantre, Ares
  10. Lucas Pinheiro, Atos
  1. JT Torres, Atos
  2. Garry Tonon, Renzo Gracie Academy
  3. Dante Leon, GF Team
  4. Lucas Lepri, Alliance
  5. Vagner Rocha, Fight Sports
  6. Renato Canuto, Checkmat
  7. Lachlan Giles, Absolute MMA
  8. Johnny Tama, Alliance
  9. Jaime Canuto, GF Team
  10. John Combs, Easton MMA
  1. Andre Galvao, Atos
  2. Matheus Diniz, Alliance
  3. Craig Jones, Absolute MMA
  4. Josh Hinger, Atos
  5. Adam Wardzinski, Checkmat
  6. Gabriel Arges, Gracie Barra
  7. Manuel Ribamar, Rodrigo Pinheiro
  8. Gabriel Almeida, Checkmat
  9. Jon Blank, 10th Planet
  10. Murilo Santana, Unity
  1. Gordon Ryan, Renzo Gracie Academy
  2. Felipe Pena, Gracie Barra
  3. Vinicius Ferreira, Alliance
  4. Lucas Barbosa, Atos
  5. Vinny Magalhaes, 10th Planet
  6. Kyle Boehm, 10th Planet
  7. Keenan Cornelius, Legion
  8. Patrick Gaudio, GF Team
  9. Jackson Sousa, Checkmat
  10. Tim Spriggs, TLI
  1. Kaynan Duarte, Atos
  2. Marcus Almeida, Checkmat
  3. Victor Hugo, Ribiero
  4. Nicky Rodriguez, Renzo Gracie Academy
  5. Cyborg Abreau, Fight Sports
  6. Yuri Simoes, CTA
  7. Mahamad Aly, TLI
  8. Orlando Sanchez, Gracie Barra
  9. JG Rocha, Soul Fighters
  10. Elliott Kelly, Yemaso