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Inside Look: Gordon Ryan training in the Gi – Advice from John Danaher

Inside Look: Gordon Ryan training in the Gi – Advice from John Danaher


The King Finds His Place in the Gi

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the upcoming IBJJF No Gi Pans, especially in the ultra-heavy weight division. Several of BJJ’s elite have stepped up, many of them moving up one to two weight classes to face Gordon Ryan. If this even is a reality, this is definitely going to make for an interesting weekend of competition, and we’ll be watching to see what happens.

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Speaking of Gordon, FloGrappling has released a short video of Ryan doing some training in the gi, under the watchful eye of John Danaher. Danaher Calmly talks him through he details of a few throws, and helps to correct some of Ryan’s technique. You can view the clip here:

We’ve been waiting patiently for Ryan to begin his run as a competitor in the gi. The prospect of seeing how Ryan performs in the gi among the best in the world is exciting, and he’ll have a lot of eyes on him to watching to see where his efforts have landed him among the top gi players.

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A short audio clip from Danaher in the video provides some interesting insight. Explaining that there’s only so much advice you can be given by others, and that you must take on the responsibility of developing strong habits that create a path to victory. When people like Danaher talk, we listen. These behind the scenes figures of BJJ that have played a key role in the success of so many of todays standout talents have so much to offer. Were often prompted to do further research when we witness such great success from a BJJ athlete out on the competition floor. It’s interesting to dig a little deeper to see who else is at the helm, and open our ears to their methods.

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