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Sneaky De La Riva Kimura by Seth Daniels

Sneaky De La Riva Kimura by Seth Daniels


F2W's Ringmaster Shares Unique Kimura

The kimura just keeps showing up lately in a lot of new instructional material and YouTube videos. Practitioners everywhere have been putting it through the ringer, and presenting us with some pretty interesting variations of the classic submission.

Fight to Win Pro founder and BJJ black belt Seth Daniels has been traveling the country tirelessly for the past few years putting on one of the most exciting shows in grappling. Often times, taking part in his own production and competing on the F2W stage, Daniels is an experienced competitor himself. It appears he’s has taken a quick breather from traveling to showcase some of his favorite techniques for BJJ Fanatics.

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Check out what Seth Daniels has done to make the kimura work from him while playing the De La Riva guard.

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Seth lures his opponents into his “good enough” De La Riva guard, and baits them to rotate towards a knee bar position up by offering up a lazy leg for them to take advantage of. As his opponent rotates, Seth reaches for the wrist and locks in a kimura for a pretty nasty finish. The position his partner falls into is a pretty bizarre one, and if you have a good lock with the figure 4 grip, it would probably be pretty tough to reorient yourself before giving up the tap.

This is definitely an interesting take on the famed submission, and Seth has an engaging light-hearted way of instructing. Next time you’re playing the De La Riva guard give this one a shot, you may get some mileage out of it.

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